Anti-Gunners Falsely Blame U.S. for Jamaican Violence

If anti-gun politicians and liberals in general have their way, U.S. gun laws will be more like those in Jamaica. To own a firearm in Jamaica, a citizen must obtain a gun license and pay an annual fee that most cannot afford.

That makes it virtually impossible for the average Jamaican to own a firearm – or even afford ammo. In the minds of liberals, that is a huge success and a model for the United States.

Examination of the facts tells a different story. Globally, firearms are used to commit about 30 percent of all murders. In Jamaica, firearms account for 80 percent of all murders. That is in a nation of about 3 million, but only about 45,000 of whom are licensed to own firearms. Safe to say the number who legally carry pistols for self-defense is much smaller.

So, in a nation where firearms mostly are not available to the general public and most people do not own guns, the murder rate involving firearms nearly is three times worse than the global average.

Many who support the Second Amendment argue an armed society is a polite society due to the prevalence of pocket pistols, concealed guns, and those openly carried. Knowing virtually anyone might have, and at least some likely legally will possess, firearms often deters criminal gunplay, is how the argument goes.

There is a lot of evidence affirming that notion, including Jamaican violence. With relatively few Jamaicans legally possessing firearms, gun violence should be less than and not more than the global average if availability of firearms is the true problem. Instead, the murder rate with firearms greatly exceeds the global average.

Yet, those opposed to the Second Amendment say firearms legally sold in the United States directly causes the high murder rate in Jamaica. They conveniently ignore the true causes – poverty, corruption, and scarcity of legally owned firearms. Those same conditions are commonplace in the worst urban shooting galleries in the United States.

Yet, anti-gun liberals in the United States blame “lax” gun laws in the United States for street violence in Jamaica. The relative ease of access to firearms in the United States makes it far too easy for people to illegally buy and smuggle firearms into Jamaica, liberals are claiming.

As proof The New York Times recently published a blatantly anti-gun piece entitled: “One Handgun, 9 Murders: How American Firearms Cause Carnage Abroad.”

The story describes a young female U.S. citizen who illegally entered Jamaica and brought a firearm with her. There, she allegedly committed at least nine murders tied to the gun.

Anti-gun liberals and The New York Times blame gun laws in the United States and not lax border enforcement in Jamaica. They say “hundreds of thousands of guns sold in the United States vanish because of loose American gun laws” and claim “many reappear in Jamaica, turning its streets into battlefields.”

Just how many guns? They have no idea.

The one anecdotal case cited by The New York Times is that of a female who several years ago stowed away aboard some vessel sailing from somewhere in the United States to Jamaica. She illegally entered Jamaica and brought with her a Browning 9mm pistol. There she used the pistol to commit several likely gang-related murders before local police eventually recovered the firearm.

Tracing its history shows a U.S. farmer legally bought the gun 24 years ago. Because the U.S. does not have a gun registry, anti-gun liberals say that firearm essentially disappeared – just like hundreds of thousands of others.

The firearm obviously did not disappear. It either was stolen or was sold via a private sale at some time. Given the hands in which it wound up, there is an excellent chance it was stolen from a lawful gun owner, and wound up in the female thug’s illegal hands.

Blaming U.S. gun laws for someone illegally acquiring and smuggling the firearm into a crime- and corruption-riddled foreign nation is absurd. But that is exactly what anti-gun liberals in the United States and abroad are doing.

They even cite the laughable New York Times article as affirmation – an article in which the writer fully admits he does not know how the woman obtained the firearm.

The writer also affirms the woman illegally entered Jamaica and smuggled the handgun in with her. Yet, the anti-gun crowd ignores the real causes, and focuses solely on a blatantly illegal firearm.

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15 Responses

  1. American voters are being warned, if this non scence continues, it will be your own fault.

    1. The New York Tass is nothing more than pathological lying Marxist
      propagandists for the Marxist demotrash cabal ..

  2. The NYT is usually referred to as the gray lady. IMO she is now the old gray whore. Who is she selling herself to today? We are causing problems in Jamaica? When will she admit to her lies and twisting of facts? I believe that if you want respect you first give respect. That means being honorable and factual. The NYT fails. JMO

  3. Ahh the new York times, their writers have been selling fiction for many years now. It is all they can do, most of them can not site actual facts or even give statistics that have not been blatantly altered to fit the article they’re trying to sell. The writer’s there are not even well enough versed to complete a story in a comic book, let alone something news worthy.

  4. The DNC is a criminal organization
    that wants to control the population in the USA, they want to make us completely vulnerable! It won’t happen without major bloodshed! The New York Times has been ordered by the Bilderberg’s to help guide the herd into their way of thinking! The self described elitists want a one world government and can’t accomplish that if American Citizens are armed! Get it?

  5. Well if the U.S. is supplying guns to the Jamaicans I would bring Holder, Obama and Hillary in for questioning as they have some experience in Running Guns in Foreign Countries!

    Don’t they!

  6. The anti-gun folks are ignorant. Our politicians made a vow when they took office that they would support and protect the constitution of the US, and the 2nd amendment is part of that constitution that they are to protect, yet they want to do away with our constitutional rights. Any politician that does not, should be impeached. So that is 90% of democrats.

  7. Americans should sit up and take notice. DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR GUNS FOR ANY REASON. that is what keeps the demon rats on their toes. they are afraid of armed citizens. we are too difficult and will not gladly kneel to them. why do you think it took 25,000 national guard troops to swear in one old criminal bastard and one California whore? they were afraid the “right” were coming back for their pound of traitorous flesh. they do not realize that we are not overly aggressive, but when pushed, become their worst nightmare. I am proud of all the Americans who made known their displeasure with the recent oligarch elected through fraudulent means by this and 65 other countries of the world. china is already calling this illegitimate #46 an “angel”. what does that mean????? that he is in bed with china? we know that is true and have for some time. I predict that#46 illegitimate president will have us in a war in less than six months. his brother the war monger, needs the money, since OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP cut off their living for 4 long years. Iran has said biden will bow to them. I believe it. I have read that we cannot rejoin the Paris accord legally, but that won’t deter President Depends one bit. we need to get all the rinos out of office as quickly as we can. primary them to death. email them and tell them how dissatisfied you are. emails are easily found by searching. do the same for all the other Lefties that spout the b-s. they will get tired of all the complaints. this country will be made whole again shortly.

  8. We all know damn well that no matter how illegal these liberal socialist traitors make it for American citizens to own firearms that they will have access to stockpiles of food, money, and firearms. I believe they have probably ordered FEMA to store such supplies for them and enough to maintain their own private security teams, the Secret Service and of course they’ll commandeer National Guard and US military personnel to protect their wimpy asses.
    When Obama the bum was in office he created the “snitch line” so citizens could report on on potential terrorist, but his definition of a potential terrorist was anyone who performed the same activities common to people who are preppers or survivalist. His criteria to trigger suspicion was limited to purchasing firearms and storing food and water. That to him indicated a terrorist. But then he was truly as stupid as he looked trying to be a leader.
    They have been moving towards making it illegal for any of us to defend ourselves, to grow food, raise livestock, store water or even be able to afford the cost of living and to be safe when exercising our right to free speech.
    And they are also using social reconditioning and brain washing to turn our youth into liberal agenda mimicking puppets and sheepish followers. Keyboard cowards harass people and petition to have them fired from their jobs. And they have also taught them that use of force and violence is acceptable against those who think differently and question liberal socialist ideology. I give you BLM and ANTIFA…Democrat and liberal funded thugs and hooligans.
    We are witnessing a new Nazi regime that labels good Americans and American values as negative, toxic and less acceptable than other countries. So they point fingers, create labels and blame someone or something to create hatred and disfavor of anything they want to eliminate.
    They have more shootings in Jamaica because of poverty and social unrest or whatever other problems plague them. If it is illegal to own a gun then obviously the problem is that their own people disobey the law, but the question is why. It’s easy….FEAR of being unarmed…. or they’re criminals who don’t care about laws. Even if they collect firearms and ban their sale criminals will still resort to beatings, knife attacks and baseball bats or they capture, restrain and torture people, maybe run them over with a car or devise someway to kill whoever they wish.
    Law abiding people can own guns, but they do not have the desire to kill anyone and will only use their guns for self defense. But liberals need scapegoats and excuses….so good people are at fault. And they allow the scum to prey on us with weapons we can not own and use openly as per the Second Amendment.
    Seems rather prejudicial for them to decide only they can be wealthy and safe while the rest of are destined to be slaves and live only as well as the elite few see fit. And yet they call Americans oppressive, black conservatives are sellouts, white people are all racists and anyone who wants to defend themselves from criminals or the government is subversive and violent.

  9. Enforce the Laws we have now . To many mentally ill people have guns. Look at the Fedx shooting , the person who did the shooting was already turned into the FBI a year ago. What was done? Too many times the FBI has been told about someone acting crazy and they have mental problem, yet nothing is done. Take a look at the shootings that have been done by someone who is mentally ill, all of them have a mental problem, and most of them have been turned in to the FBI. Then lets get back to the NY Times stop spreading FALSE NEWS . You are one of the mentally ill problems. The NY Times and CNN belong in a padded room.

  10. U.S. gun owners do not need any additional argument to exercise their right to possess a firearm as a deterrent.

    The logic is clearly embedded in the following Rachelian ism:

    If the U.S. government if free to maintain a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent, then U.S. citizens are free to maintain a personal firearm as a deterrent.

  11. Why anyone reports on anything in the NYT when we know that they are controlled by Putin.
    They and their lying propaganda are totally responsible for the bigotry, racism and excessive crime in America.

  12. Anybody who reads the Ny Slimes should be sent to Cuba, China, Russia, Iran for repatriation. You need an IQ below 50 to believe the garbage
    they put out regularly. They could not spell journalism if you gave them a dictionary.

  13. I wonder how many NYT people have NYC carry permits or wish they did considering the crime climate of the city. I also wonder how many of them actually attended college, the absence of thought seems rampant.

  14. HORSE MANURE, Jamaica had a crime problem LONG before the U.S. was the U.S., or have they forgotten about the Age of Piracy.

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