AZ Governor Introduces Anti-Gun Bill that would be ‘the Crown Jewel of Gun Control Laws’

Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey is pandering harder to the left than just about anyone in America. He is virtue signaling so hard, we can’t believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t evoked his name. He proposed a bill in May of this year that would enable Judges to take guns from anyone they deem to be “dangerous.”

This law would leave it entirely up to the judge’s discretion. In other words- they would have full seizure powers on a case to case basis. Ducey calls it “the crown jewel of gun control laws.”

Of course he does. What else do you need? You can tell the public that they still have all their gun rights, but anyone could have their guns taken at any time for any reason. After all, there are a million things that can make a person believe another person is dangerous. A curt glance, an off-color t-shirt, honking at someone who didn’t notice the light changed, an unkempt lawn.

It’s very similar to a legal precedent in family courts that allows one party to make an ex parte claim against another saying that the children are in danger and must be removed immediately. In such cases, there is no due process. Police swoop in and take the kids. Then the person who just had their children snatched away is given the chance to prove in court that there never was any danger.

In many cases, especially where judges favor women overwhelmingly, the children are never returned. It is an ongoing travesty, and serves as a perfect example of what will be happening to gun owners in Arizona if Ducey gets his new law rammed through.

When asked for comment, Ducey said; “I think the STOP plan — the Severe Threat Order of Protection — is the crown jewel of our safe schools plan. It’s the one tool that could have eliminated the mass shootings that have happened in other places in the country.”

This is a reference to the Florida shooting from earlier this year. It’s a deeply ignorant comparison because the fact is that the police and the FBI had all the information they needed to take the shooter’s guns away before he committed that awful crime.

Nikolas Cruz had announced his intention to shoot up his school online weeks before he did it. He commented under a YouTube video that he wanted to be a professional school shooter. The person who created the video that Cruz commented on went to the FBI and told them about the comment. The FBI did precisely nothing.

There were numerous incidents where people had reported Cruz to police for pointing guns at people and for killing animals. Cruz also posted pictures of himself posing with his guns on Facebook with threatening taglines.

So no, Ducey’s claim that authorities need more power to take guns from dangerous people is bullhonkery. Law enforcement already has the power to take guns from someone who is acting in an illegal, threatening, dangerous, or irresponsible way. The problem with the Florida case is that law enforcement across the board refused to use that power. And the result was almost a dozen dead children.

And all the while, Democrats continue to blame guns.

Ducey’s law would give judges discretionary power to take any person’s gun at any time. That is a recipe for abuse, and if they can pull it off in pro-gun states like Florida- they can pull it off anywhere.

But the law goes further. It enables judges to also hold the suspected person for a psychological evaluation.

Now, here’s something we can tell you with absolute conviction. Any psychologist has at best a 50/50 chance of diagnosing any gun owner under the Sun of something between the two sticky covers of the DSM-5.

One of the few opponents of the law in AZ, Republican Eddie Farnsworth, said, “We’re not talking about just taking people’s guns. We’re talking about incarcerating them for the purpose of a psychological evaluation against their will, potentially infringing on their First Amendment rights, and infringing heavily upon their Second Amendment rights.”

Like any other anti-2nd Amendment law, this one would only deter the sane and the law-abiding. As Chris Heller, a spokesperson for the Arizona Citizens Defense League, put it, “The whole idea of a STOP order is ridiculous on its face. If you’re crazy enough to do a mass killing, you’re crazy enough to ignore a STOP order.”

~ American Gun News

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33 Responses

  1. Everyone must do their part to eliminate such insanity, VOTE against him and anyone who supports him, speak out and make your position known.

  2. (the crown jewel of gun control laws.) Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey stick it in your ear seems like your the crazy one, how in the world did you ever get elected?????

  3. Damn…and I thought only California was a pro communist state…and now Arizona…What’s this world coming to?

    1. The Godfather of Governors, NYS Cuomo, did a runaround on the Constitution when he unilaterally passed the SAFE Act. Overnight, legal gun owners became possible felons when HE defined and outlawed “assault rifles”.

  4. If you want to impeach someone, here is your guy. Violating the Constitution without cause would fall under High Crimes, I believe.

  5. I think these liberals should be incarcerated and psychoanalyzed.

  6. Another moron who calls himself a “politician” and who wouldn’t know or understand the 2nd Amendment if his “career” depended on it. So, people of Arizona, don’t let his career depend on it; VOTE HIM OUT!

  7. What the elected governor of AZ. purposes is far beyond belief. He was elected, and yes I voted for him, to ensure that our rights, ALL our rights were protected. Yet, it seems he is far too easily swayed to the left.
    I have 24 years of service in the Marine Corps and am an ARIZONA Police officer. I believe in the rights of the people and the 2nd amendment is one of those most important of rights. No one has a right to change it period. The rights of the people to keep and bear and shall not be infringed upon.
    He MUST be held accountable for the office we voted him in to.
    Mr. Ducey, do the honorable here. Stand firm with the second amendment rights of the People. Not your chosen few.

  8. another nutcase in power, trying to take away the rights of gun owners. how much money is he getting this time around?

  9. As usual, another hare-brained idea from the do-gooders. Instead of blanket provisions, why not a targeted approach? How about letting mental health services work with law enforcement by relaxing HEPA in cases where an individual expresses a desire to harm others? Instead of trampling on our God given rights, the do-gooders can actually accomplish common sense goals by applying some forethought and contemplation paired with advice from professionals that might make a difference.

  10. Sounds like Ducey needs a stay in a padded room so he can be safe from himself

  11. Duchy Just lost my vote he and any other anti-gun scum will not be voted in to office again.

  12. How the hell does a moron like this get elected?
    What also scares me is how he managed to get
    people to even vote for him.
    No sympathy from me

  13. Guess he forgot about due process, there are enough lying people out here that lie about threats when they are mad. I had a friend in MD several years ago who called police and said her husband was threatening her the sheriff came and rounded up his guns, he went to court and she told the judge she made up the story . Well he got his guns back and his name cleared and she went to jail a couple weeks later after getting stopped for possession of meth and pot. He had a DOT job and was drug tested all the time and never had a positive test in 30 years. These red flag laws are questionable without real evidence.

  14. Our Founders would have Tarred and Feathered a significant portion of our current crop of Political Larvae. I think they had the right idea.

  15. My tip: Only keep the necessary home defense item at home. Any additional ammo, firearms and other defensive items should be dispersed in multiple offsite locations. Stay off your phone to talk about them, use cash to pay for storage in a 3rd party’s name, bury some in the woods if you need to …get creative. They WILL get some. They even may find most of it, but never all of it. Unless you have committed a crime the can’t hold you forever.

  16. Idiots abound in the country and this man is no exception. His real name should be “DOPEY”
    Seems he has no concept of personal protection or self defense, as he is surrounded by
    ARMED security. “SCREW THE PEOPLE” this is the new slogan for the demo-rats!

  17. I think we need common sense gun laws . but I also believe that nonsense laws like a tax in SBR us useless, as well as suppressors. I believe in the right to defend life liberty and property by any means. I do believe parents should secure weapons from kids. So this guy is tooting his own horn. I hate politicians who are for me type attitudes. How the hell dies a guy like that get elected. With as many gun owners in AZ?

  18. I will GUARANTEE his oath of office contained a line about defending the Constitution. He needs to be reminded of what that means. And take some classes on Constitutional law.

  19. The rules are already there. No new ones are needed. All they want to do is take guns away from law abiding citizens and turn them into subjects with no rights. The criminals will have free reign as their families won’t report them as they are also criminals. If the left could figure out how to take guns away from criminals without taking them from citizens, that would be fine, but that is impossible.

  20. We voted for him because he was the Republican candidate. Shows to go you that you can’t trust any of these politicians no matter they’re party affiliation.

    I knew we were in trouble when I went to my usual informal range in January of 2015 right after he was elected and saw about a million “No Shooting on State Land” signs everywhere. I know shooting on state land is illegal but this particular area is out in the middle of nowhere and was a fairly safe place to shoot. Nobody ever went out there except shooters. AZ must have spent about 100 bucks a sign, that’s 100 million dollars right there.

    Just another piece of our freedom gone.


  22. It sounds like, and, ,appears that someone is attempting to aid the drug cartels in obtaining a less dangerous doorway to traffics it’s wares into the US. I wonder what is the cost to pocket such a politician?

  23. This guy is a Republican?
    These RINO dipsh*ts need to be run out of Arizona on a rail.
    What is he, a friend of the McCains?

  24. I was just wondering if the people of Arizona that dense to vote for that idiot. Sounds like something the East and West
    coast states would do.

  25. Any person who violates the Constitution, even a govenor, should
    be removed from as an enemy of this nation. He took an oath to
    protect it, not tear it apart for some jack ass judge, and any police
    who full fill the roll of an isis in America. Many act just like them.
    Down with the jack ass’s who do not love America.

  26. All one has to do is look around the world and see how the disarmement of the populace works out! One just need to look at Venezuela, or Russia or China or most recently , where the Black President came in a re wrote the constitution to his specifications( like the communist AKA DEMOCRAT party wants to do here)and want all guns turned in , becUse he’s doing a Obama and ginning up the blacks to KILL ghe whites off! This is pure Tyranny and against the constitution and rule of law and if he makes his move he subjects his self and family to the prospects of the people using the 2nd ammendment to protect THEIRSELF , as that is their God given right to protect THEIRSELF, family and property from the likes of tyrants! The communist AKA Democrat party has been trying for years, pulling every kind of thing to disarm the people,including mas murders much of the Ameican people believe to disarm us and do the American people just like they did the American Indian and the black people, who got smart and created the NRA!

  27. I predict it will have the same shooter-stopping results as the ‘NO GUN ZONE’ signs…that being ZILCH!

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