This is Not a Joke: Illinois City Demands Residents Turn In or Destroy their Guns

A town in Illinois has taken the fight to strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights a step further than most. Deerfield, IL recently banned what it termed “assault weapons” within town borders – this ordinance is not just for new purchases, but for existing firearms as well.

Residents living within the borders of Deerfield, Illinois (roughly 19,000 people) have been given until June 13th to get rid of their guns. After that date, the town proposes to fine gun owners $1,000 per day.

The assault on the Second Amendment rights of citizens did not go unnoticed, the NRA and other prominent rights groups responded to the town’s new law:

“Every law-abiding villager of Deerfield has the right to protect themselves, their homes, and their loved ones with the firearm that best suits their needs,” Chris W. Cox, NRA.

A town resident filed a challenge to the ordinance last week, stating that the village does not have the right to restrict the Second amendment and that the ordinance went against both state and Federal laws.

When asked why the town would ban guns, despite the legal issues involved, officials cited fear of recent shootings and a wish to lead the nation in harsher calls for gun control and restriction. In other cases, the Supreme Court has ruled that citizens do have protected Second Amendment rights, without specifically detailing what type of weapons would be covered by those rights.

The ban imposed includes a variety of firearms, including semiautomatic pistols (that can hold 10 rounds or more), rifles and shotguns and names some specific weapons as well (AR-15 among them).

After June 13th, Deerfield police will be granted the power to confiscate and destroy weapons banned by the town.  Watch the video below for more details on this town council’s gun grab.

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36 Responses

  1. What idiotic thinking! These politicians think that their opinion, legal or not, when written on paper will stop a sociopath from trying to gain notoriety by killing more people??? Who the he11 do they think they are? God gave us the rules to live by, and people don’t follow those. So why these “IDIOTS” rules???
    How fast a gun fires is not what kills more people, it is accuracy. Watch any 3 Gun competition, and see how fast a shooter can “Accurately” fire their weapon. I can’t remember the shooters name, a champion, that can fire and reload in a very few seconds.
    These are people with no experience telling people that are trained shooters what kills. Next the men on the board are going to tell women all about giving birth??? NUTS!

  2. Why bother having a constitution and amendments and a Bill of Rights if the powers that be are going to totally ignore them and push their stupid liberal agenda into laws?

  3. Let’s see Deerfield is in the state of Illinois is a state of the Republic of the United States of America . Both the USA and the state of Illinois have constitutions both protect the right of bearing arms . Therefore it seems easy to conclude that the city politicians are breaking both federal and state laws . All gun restriction laws on law abiding citizens are illegal laws .

  4. maybe we can take the income from the fines to legal non violent law abiding citizens living under the constitution of the USA and give it to the poverty stricken gangs so they can buy illegal guns to take what they want from the population that no longer has guns. how many ways is this wrong? Chicago has the strictest gun laws short of hawaii and the highest gun crime rates. you reap what you sow and I don’t think your going to like it. when they say your vote counts, it could be your life as well. I sure hope the new law extends to all public officials, police not on duty and all other officials allowed to carry guns on duty but not in their homes. if I lived in Deerfield I would get out asap.

  5. Out of my cold dead hands, you damn demons will have to pry them. The cost for you will be high, come ahead commies,.

  6. This is a slap in the face of every military member that took the oath to “Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC”. Deerfield, IL has made themselves a Domestic Enemy of the Untied States of America.

    Every board member that voted for this unconstitutional ordinance should be removed from office for violating their oath to support the Constitutions of the United States and the state of Illinois. This action is what is needed to prevent similar encroachments on our Constitutional Freedoms.

    Violate your Oath of Office and you are history!

  7. 2nd amendment goes from the east coast to the west coast and nothing in between is exempt. Perhaps after a cop is shot trying to confiscate a legal weapon the others will think twice about following that town’s order. sue the politicians into oblivion and replace them with people who will follow and respect the law.

  8. How stupid does this town think they are bigger than the United States Constitution? They must think they are some kind of King. They must think the bad guys are going to bow down and kiss their collective asses and give up their weapons. What are they smoking?

  9. Well since you’re talking about assault rifles assault rifles are fully automatic and semi-automatic rifle is not fully automatic there for only fully automatic rifles for be the ones that were banned.
    It’s not too hard to get around 88 liberals when they don’t even know what it is you’re talking about

  10. Very simply any person coming to your home with you as a law abiding citizen with no criminal record trying to confiscate your legally purchased firearm should be shot once they break into your home and put two feet inside the walls of your living space.
    Everyone in Deefield who possessed a legal firearm before that law was passed should have been grandfathered and at the worst their firearms should have been registered. Fining and confiscating firearms from people who have legally purchased their firearms and have not broken any laws is intolerable and force should be met with force.

  11. No city, state or other org has the right to circumvent the constitution. They should be held accountable for treasonous actions. Gary

    1. Any public servant who takes the Oath of Office and then breaks that Oath is a TRAITOR and should be punished according to the Constitution.

  12. If any weapons are confiscated to be destroyed, I hope there is a very aggressive, shark like law group that defends the victims of these control freaks. I think that an initial suit for several million dollars against each of the individuals who voted for, and who participated in the confiscation (international law was established at the Nuremberg trials, that “I was just following orders” is not a defense if you know that the orders are illegal. As a 27 year vet of the U.S. military, that was regularly drummed into our heads, as that was federal law as well. Constitutional, Federal & International law trumps county ordinances every day.) I think a nice addendum would be an indidual $1,000 per day fine against each defendant for each day that a legally owned weapon is not returned. Note, the legally owned weapon is not a replacement, but rather the actual weapon with exact serial number, that is removed. These items are being stolen with“premeditation and with total disregard of an individuals constitutional rights.” Until these small minded public officials are hit in their own pocket books, these actions will continue. I selected the $1,000 daily restitution based upon their own greedy $1,000 a day fine. With these figures, a good attorney group could be attracted, especially the daily fine that would continue for an indefinite time.

  13. It’s getting bad with the looney left. Here in Commiefornia, the lawmakers are all liberal looney clowns and all they do is crank out more and more anti-gun laws. They ignore the rest issues, support the illegals, MS13, and basicially S**t on the citizens who actually pay the bills. The DNP is a reformed terrorist organization at this time. Its full of drunks, whores, corrupt money grabbing folks who hate America. See DiFi, Nancy, and former Boxer for corruption. Only reason they stay in power is for screwing the taxpayer.

  14. There is something wrong when our elected officials think they are in charge!! They work for US, not the other way around. The constitution was made for just these idiots who think inside the box. It’s the constituents that need to rise up and revolt and defend themselves against the tyrannical so called leaders . WE elected you – – – WE can oust you and replace you with someone that actually works FOR us, not against us!!

  15. I hope residents whould have the courtesy to empty the magazines when they come to confiscate…
    Gun control is a firm grip, a steady hand and a gentle squeeze.

    Liberty. Constitution. Republic.

  16. Here is what the democrats platform is for the November elections.

    Open borders.
    Let anyone and everyone into the country.
    MS – 13 not animals
    Higher taxes.
    Spending billions to support Illegal aliens
    Porn Stars
    The loss of our 1st and 2nd amendment rights.
    Dirty mouth Comedians And Celebrities.
    Disrespect our Flag
    Removing all of President Trumps accomplishments.
    ISIS will Return
    Ignoring what the American people want.
    More of the lying media

  17. “Those who fail to remember history, are doomed to repeat it”. The German Sociopath, Hitler, first registered guns, then confiscated them, then slaughtered everyone he felt was inferior. Is the city board, in Illinois, following the footsteps of that guy? Good luck! These ideas are what causes rebellions and civil wars. We must always STAND TOGETHER to fight the wrongs that other people who think they are better or wiser, try to impose on the law-abiding. As was said in the 60’s-“We shall overcome”.

  18. Article 1, section 9, clause 3 of the Constitution should set them straight. It’s the no ex post facto clause and is enforceable on the states and municipalities by the 14th amendment. We. do not, in this case, have to discuss rights because such an act violates something that cannot be argued with.

  19. Why don’t the legal gun owners ban together March down to City hall and in GREAT NUMBERS REMOVE THESE INDIVIDUALS THAT BROKE THE LAW BY ENACTING THIS SO CALLED LAW. THEY ARE CRIMINALS AS OF JUNE 13, 2018

  20. so………2nd amendment was to protect citizens against tyranny, (along with several other reasons). It looks to me as though tyranny has arrived in Deerfield, Illinois. What more needs to happen to prove this? How do you fight tyranny? Seems to me it’s time that local citizens need to literally stand up, weapons in hand, and physically remove all the anti-Constitutional local authorities and jail them for prosecution. How else do you fight tyranny? How do you remove them after they confiscate your firearms?? They are NEVER removed by ballot — hasn’t that been proven over and over?? Citizens have the absolute right and the means (gun ownership) to put an end to unlawful laws/lawmakers. When will we actually apply them? I believe that in the case of Deerfield, the rest of that state needs to roll into town and stand with the residents. After all, they would be next, in very short order. If they rollover now and turn in the weapons currently outlawed, does anyone really believe they would not do the same when the “law” comes for the rest of the weapons? Our founding fathers would be appalled by OUR apathy. If we roll over and give up any amendment, we never deserved them in the first place.




  23. Deerfield Michigan has been invaded by a Muslim horde and now Deerfield Illinois has been taken over by a bunch of liberal morons that don’t know the law.

  24. I have been wondering when the next civil war in this country would begin. I guess it starts on 6/13/18, I know people who live in Deerfield, Il. and believe you me, that if anybody goes to their house to take their guns, they will be shot…. All it will take is for one stupid policeman to try this. Once an officer is shot the news will spread. I for one would be willing to bring my guns with me and help these poor people. This is just the start……..

  25. I would not destroy nor pay any fines as these laws are unconstitutional , and designed to make criminals out of lawful citizens . Steven Stewart

  26. Citizen’s arrest is key! Arrest all city council , give them 24 hours to clear their desks and arrest warrant signed by all law
    abiding citizens demanding their immediate firing and removal for criminal assault of the second amendment! problem solved!

  27. This is LIBERAL WILLFUL IGNORANCE at it’s worst. Were I a resident there I would file a Civil Rights law suit against each person who supported and passed this violation of the Constitution for no less than $10 Trillion plus all Court costs and any and all legal fees to take them to the US Supreme Court. The thing I would accept over the money is the immediate resignation of those who passed the UNCONSTITUTIONAL ordinance as well as a live time ban on them hold any public office both elected or appointed for life.

  28. The Nazi jackboots can KMA! NONE of MY guns are registered and NEVER WILL BE!

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