Could Seniors Be at Risk to Lose Their Second Amendment Rights?

It appears that anti-gun activists are now attempting to push through legislation that could put at risk the rights of senior citizens who exercise their constitutional, 2nd amendment right to bear arms. While Congress had voted in 2017 to repeal an Obama era SSI gun ban, it appears that this issue is again rearing its head. But this time it will encompass a broader range of senior reporting services including Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, CHIP, and other ObamaCare subsidies, putting seniors at risk once again for being placed on a list that restricts the right to own and operate a firearm.

The Cornyn-Schumer-Feinstein-Blumenthal-Murphy Legislation S. 2135

The “Fix NICS” bill included in the above legislation claims to be legislation that require more stringent reporting of individuals who may be deemed not appropriate to be gun owners. The new bill pushes states and agencies to implement mandatory compliance in reporting any person who meets certain criteria. Once in the system, then a “lawful authority” could deem you danger or unfit to exercise your second amendment right to gun ownership.

What Could This New Legislation Mean for Seniors?

If the NICS fix is allowed to go through all of the major reporting agencies that contain information and records on senior citizens such as social security, Medicare, disability, and other aid programs would be imported into the database which would judge whether or not they could be eligible for firearm possession.

While the bill is said to target those who could be a danger when owning a firearm, the language is vague and includes regulations that could limit gun ownership for those with several types of commonly listed mental illness even those that don’t manifest in violent or suicidal behavior. Seniors who face such issues as ADHD, PTSD and any other number of limitations that can be more prevalent in the elderly, could prevent them from owning a gun even for simple home protection. Even those who are appointed a guardian could be deemed incapable of managing a firearm.

Senior citizens are already a more victimized population, and many find comfort in self-defense firearms such as home defense pistols to protect them in the event of a home invasion or any other victimization. This legislation in effect could reduce a senior’s right to self-protection based on issues that can be common during aging such as depressive disorders and stress conditions.

Will History Repeat Itself?

While previous legislation to limit the rights of gun ownership in our country’s aging population under the Obama era was reversed by Congress, anti-gun activists have shown success in the past by using vague and generalized terminology to describe gun owners that limit their rights. This was most recently shown in the 2007 NICS Improvement Act which has commonly been referred to as the Veterans Disarmament Act. The act disarmed more than 257,000 veterans who had served their country.

The hundreds of thousands of veterans were classified as “mentally defective,” reported to the NICS, and stripped of their rights to gun ownership in legislation that claimed it was not targeting veterans and was said to be legislation to keep guns away from mentally unstable criminals who had violent tendencies. The legislation was used to deny gun ownership rights of veterans and other senior citizens based on mental histories that often did not include a violent history or suspected violent intentions.

So will the new legislation that is also being touted as enforcing background checks and database updates really be part of an attempt to disarm a large portion of our senior population?

Are Citizens Aware of What the New Legislation Could Really Mean?

Many citizens are not even aware that current legislation is causing many law-abiding citizens to be denied their constitutional rights over something as simple as traffic fines and tickets under the new federal firearms code and many politicians use the guise of public safety to propose legislation that seems to be slowly stripping the law abiding citizens in this country of their 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

First with veterans and now seniors being targeted, it stands to reason that as long as the citizens are convinced that the new gun legislation is to prevent gun tragedies and accidents there may be a new group targeted next—and this time it could be you.

~ American Gun News

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21 Responses

  1. It is about time that the Federal Government stops trying to take away the Bill of Rights from the Citizens of the United States The Cornyn-Schumer-Feinstein-Blumenthal-Murphy Legislation S. 2135 will do nothing to stop the violence of gun crimes, but it would serve Big Brother of ways to remove seniors from their firearms, which is another way to limited the Bill of Rights; our forefathers did not design the Bill of Rights to be limiting those rights of the citizens, yet here is another example of those in congress whom believe that they know best what is for the America , yet they can not even do a budget , or to keep the government open !
    What would be the next take-a-way from the America ? As even now Freedom of Speech has been under attack for years !
    It is time that Congress is place on limited terms and stop those life long salaries and benefits that they get now!

  2. I very much hope that CONgress will release the memo showing how our top government agency officials are totally corrupt. The people need to see what the deep state really looks like. Heads need to roll at the top of the FBI, CIA, the Clinton Crime Cartel, and the DOJ (under Barry Soetoro). The Muslim usurper should be taken down as well.
    Once the people see what has been allowed to go on perhaps they will pay more attention and demand the last of the Obama holdover are torn out by the roots?

  3. So once again these anti American liberal politicians violate their oath of office. It is time to drag them all out of Congress and put an end to their corruption. You can bet these old fools are armed to the tooth. And they get special protection on top of that. Until we remove them and prove to the others we will not tolerate treason then we will continue to face this crap. The oath of office they took to protect the constitution means nothing to these jackasses. Any politician who violates that oath should be immediately removed and charged for treason. The American public has became sheep. If we truly did like our founders said to do these politicians would not last a minute. And the others would fall in line knowing the consequences.

    1. The sheeple get what they vote for, but that is no reason for decent law abiding citizens to be stripped of their Constitutional rights. If stuff like this continues to happen, we could see another Revolution, and sadly history has shown that revolutionary wars rarely end well. Our Revolutionary war being successful in creating the wonderful country that we inherited is a rare occurrence.

  4. Just because your retired and on SS, does not mean your common sense is gone.
    Actually from what I see, we have learned to use better control than the several younger generations. Not all of course, there are many younger generations that have very good self control and donate both intellect and common sense. Just do not group all seniors as unable to be part of active society. We have as much right to self defense as any other part of society. Remember an armed populace is what has kept us safe in the past.

  5. I guess democrats think older folks are the only ones to see thru their scam because you know we see a lot of folks 75 and over commit a lot of crimes. What a bunch of jerks in Congress.

  6. Just what the democrats need……… a bunch of pissed off senior citizens!!!….

  7. Where I grew up, most boys had a rifle and access to other firearms and there was never a problem . In the dorm at the university, about every other room had some version of firearm and again no problem. In my time with the military, I ranked 19 years out of 20 years expert. There was no problem on any base that I was on concerning firearms. Most male seniors were in the service in the 50s, 60s and 70. As usual the news has it wrong.

  8. Leave our gun rights/2nd Amendment,God given right ALONE!!! Dems don’t care about citizen safety,but are trying to Take OUR FREEDOM!!! Congress,Stop it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. If You Want To Stop The Gun Violence Take The Guns Out Of Hollywood! Take ALL The Guns Out Of The Movies and Television Shows! They Took The Tobacco Out, They Can Take The Guns Out! Hollywood Scum is the Reason For ALL the Gun Violence We Have Today! People Like Cornyn-Schumer-Feinstein-Blumenthal-Murphy Are Some Of The Leaders In The REAL SHITHOLE Called The Congress & Senate of The USA! These Scumbags Will Try Any Thing They Can To Take The People Rights Away! And Oh Yes There ALWAYS Exempt Unless It’s in There Favor! God Bless America…….

  10. Take away welfare benefits, most of the problems with guns are in that segment of the population. Rewards those that turn in guns..

  11. Democrats hate America and the natural born citizens of America. They love illegal invaders and welfare slavery more than anything else. DNC – the New
    Slave Masters via Welfare and government aids! They say”But we are doing it because you the people are too stupid to take care of yourselves.”


  13. there is no way he hell that this Government will take away my rights to own any kind of weapon ,i fought in Vietnam in the Infantry(RECON) and i am disabled it was alright when the Liberal President LBJ sent me to fight for our country then it was alright to have a weapon to kill people with.So now i am 70 years old and can’t protect myself anymore so the only thing that the Government wants is for someone to kill me will they better think hard about doing something like that to me and any other Veterans because i would call that TYRANNY against being a American so like i said don’t even go there and i would also call it TREASON against our Government on our country.And that would also tell me that you have a plan to from a COUP against people like me and i would fight back even if it means dying for my country that almost took my life 50 years ago like i said this Government better watch themselves because the only way to get my weapon is over my dead body.

  14. I suggest going forward to take away the guns and guards of all the politicians and see how they like it.

  15. Hey, dickless politicians, heard of RED! RETIRED EXTREMELY DANGEROUS?!! Keep trying to fuck with our RIGHTS! The right to bear arms shall not be infringed! Have a nice day!

  16. The politicians and bureaucrats that are so obsessed with infringing our rights to keep and bear arms need to tread the book, ‘Unintended Consequences’ (written, i believe, by Jack Ross).

    Those opposed to these efforts should already be familiar with it.


  18. I do not believe any violence has been commented by seniors with gun permits or
    rifles. We need a turn over of our congress. Reguardless, our Constitution says we can protect ourselves and have guns. Contact your Senator and Representation to vote NO

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