Gun Myth: Civilians with Guns Cause More Violence

Owners of firearms have first-hand knowledge just how safe they are when handled properly. We know firearms are inanimate objects incapable of causing harm, much like a brick. In the wrong hands, it certainly is lethal, much like a brick. When you take the time to learn how to handle firearms safely and properly, odds are, you never will use them in a criminal manner.

Despite this rather obvious information the Council on Foreign Relations recently published a blatantly anti-gun propaganda piece aimed at supporting a potential federal ban on military-style firearms. Entitled “U.S. Gun Policy: Global Comparisons,” the opinion piece clearly blames mass shootings on the military-style firearms.

Yet, it engages in blatant falsehoods to push a false narrative. That narrative is the notion that access to firearms directly leads to criminal violence and mass shootings. Facts show otherwise.

The Council on Foreign Relations, though, wants military-style rifles banned. It falsely refers to them as “semi-automatic assault weapons” to describe the firearm used to massacre children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. This is just one of the many facts they get wrong.

For starters, the firearm used at Sandy Hook was not an assault rifle. It was a semiautomatic Bushmaster AR-15 incapable of burst fire or automatic fire. And, the assailant, an autistic teen with a history of isolation and disturbing behavior, murdered his mother and stole the rifle to commit the horrific act.

The Council on Foreign Relations also cherry picks the nations it will compare the U.S. to. The aim behind the piece is to convince readers that only nations with very strict gun control laws and very limited access to firearms effectively reduce gun violence. In their minds, the U.K. and Japan, which ban military-style rifles and handguns, are the only nations with effective gun laws.

Yet, many nations with relatively lax gun laws are equally safe. Those include Switzerland, which is among the safest nations, and has very lax gun laws.

Many nations with strict gun laws are showing increases in violent crime, including in the UK. Australia banned military-style rifles following a mass shooting, and the ban has had no effect on violence or homicide rates. The same happened the last time the U.S. banned the sale of military-style rifles, which is why politicians let the ban expire.

When it comes to supporting the Second Amendment and firearms in general, anti-gun propagandists like The Council on Foreign Relations knows they can’t change the minds of firearms owners. So, they target those wholly ignorant of firearms with a barrage of manipulated data and cherry picked facts.

Anti-gunners falsely refer to civilian firearms as “assault rifles” and “weapons of war” with the sole intent of inflicting mass casualties. They also make it impossible for the NRA to enter public schools and educate youth on firearms, their safe handling and responsible ownership.

A public that is generally ignorant of firearms is a gullible – and pliable – one. That ignorance makes them more susceptible to propaganda aimed at pushing a political agenda – the gradual erosion of gun rights and eventually an overturning of the Second Amendment.

The New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations clearly wants U.S. citizens to fear firearms. It especially wants those with no firearms experience to think banning firearms, magically, would cure the social ills actually driving violent crime.

Get rid of guns, and you get rid of most of the criminal violence, they claim. That’s a noble notion, but it has no basis in reality.

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33 Responses

  1. Any one who has a half a brain that works knows this is BS..When we disarm citizens then criminals get guns and kill just because they can. Mass shootings would be greatly reduced if not removed if ALL American citizens where armed. Any one who gives up their guns to the government before all security for government give up theirs is a fool and dose not have any common sense or education which matters. I wore the uniform in defense of my country, its flag and its constitution. The only way to remain free is to be able to defend ones self. I will NOT stop defending this country from any and all terrorist and that includes any democrats or republicans who support such acts.

    1. I’m a veteran of the United States Air Force. I proudly raised my right hand and swore “to protect and uphold the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” When I retired that oath wasn’t rescinded. So no politician who is against any part of our constitution has any right to deny my 2 amendment responsibility.

    2. Comments well made and well taken. Thank you for your service and your ability to think clearly. We would hope this is just common sense. The problem is— common sense ain’t so common any more!!!!!
      God bless

    3. Amen! I’ve spent 33 years in the Army defending this great Country against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!! Right now, the Demorats are the domestic enemy! American Patriots, DO NOT give up your guns to these radical Marxist Terrorists. They are clearly violating our 2A and our GOD given RIGHT to protect ourselves!!
      GOD BLESS the USA.

  2. Not only is “NavVet” correct, it should include a virtual picture Of Australia. Australia, the Country that confiscated all firearms, has seen a record number of break ins and violence. Guns are smuggled in from foreign country underworlds (not U.S.A.) for the criminal individuals. Visually seeing the Australian urban areas you will find almost all home are fenced in by Chain Link fencing. Leaving civilians to defend themselves with nothing.

  3. When I read articles like this one and even many replies it’s always speaking of deranged domestic mass shooters which is obviously an issue. We will always in any society have those among us no matter the laws. What is usually missing is the threat of Islamic terrorist who openly state their goal of destroying us. I will not be a sheep unarmed and defenseless no matter who the attacker is.

  4. Gun education in school should be more important than sex education.
    The end target for gun banning is the most important step to a One World Order where no one can protect themselves against a tyrannical government!
    That was the exact reason it is in our Constitution. The tyranny of Europe leader’s, to force people to believe a certain religion, was the reason the Puritan’s chose to risk everything to come to the New World.
    The New World Order is to force people to believe in a FALSE Religion or be Atheist’s that worship a single human leader like the Communist countries do today! Being powerless to defend ourselves physically would allow this to happen.
    Fighting for a free America was NOT a one time fight. It’s time, again, to think this way and respond to this home grown tyranny!

  5. I served 26 years in the military. I’ve been to many shit-hole countries and have seen what socialism does to a country and its people. If you turn in your gun(s) because the government tells you to do so, you are a fool, a very, very stupid fool. The gangs will laugh at you while they are robbing you at gun point. If you do not understand this, why America is the greatest country in the world…then there is no hope for you. You get what you deserve!

  6. There is a list out there some where that shows an easy to understand history of gun control.
    Also there is an article written by an Australian policeman that confirms there home break-ins increased after they turned in there guns.

  7. Criminals by their very nature do NOT respect the law… Taking away firearms from responsible citizens, is
    making more victims. The prime-minster of Australia went on record and stated the facts – after passing stricter gun laws, violent crime increased well over 40% within 6 months, and over 20% of that was with guns. Because, the criminals kept their guns and had more potential victims that could no longer defend themselves.

  8. You can have my guns alright. Bullets first. If you actually want to know the truth about gun control, consider these facts that were found on Google.
    Fact #1 Actual annual firearm deaths in the US (including Police incidents) is about 18,000.
    Fact #2 Actual annual automobile deaths in the U. S. is about 38,000.
    Fact #3 Actual medical deaths in the U. S. caused by doctors and hospitals is approximately 250,000.
    Cancer and heart disease are still the leading causes of premature death in the U. S. Out wonderful Politicians would provide a great service by launching an investigation into the medical industry’s wholesale slaughter .
    All this information is readily available on the world wide web but the politicians still blame firearms because they are afraid that we’ll use them against them when we are sick of their crap.
    All that happens when the politicians restrict firearm ownership is that we are unable to defend ourselves. Law abiding citizens who are well-armed actually reduce crime by keeping the criminals under control. No other country would dare invade America because they know the U. S. citizens are well-armed.
    Hundreds of millions of privately owned firearms and Billions of rounds of ammunition is storage, do they seriously think that private gun owners are a threat? If we were, you would know it.

  9. I understand one of the reasons Japan never invaded us was that they were afraid of everyone having a gun over here. It would have been very difficult to have us submit to them if they knew we would fight back. All criminals get guns, not legally so they libs point of view is mute.


  11. as spock stated “logic dictates if all gun owners were as violent as anti gunners say we are ,there would be no antigunners”

  12. Plenty of no gun countries for the people who dont want guns, move your asses there. We the people who like our freedoms , constitution, and honor those who sacrificed and protected our lives to live free do not need your communist ideals in the USA.

  13. My 5 round bolt action 1903 Springfield kept the Japanese off Guadalcanal Island. Marines did not need an assault rifle to do their duty then. I trained with an M-14, M-60, and M-16. I do not support anyone who supports removal or alteration of the Constitution of the United States including the second amendment. Our enemies know and understand they cannot take this country because of the second amendment, we need to protect it from within. Know your representatives, how they think and believe, and VOTE accordingly.

  14. These people who claim strict gun control is good for the nation needs to her from a family dfriend in Austrailia who has regularly warnwd us ( and the US) NOT TO REMOVE CIVILIAN GUNS. THEY DID IN AUSTRAILIA AND NOW HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTERS CANNOT GO OUT AFTER DARK BECAUSE THE CROOKS ALL HAVE WEAPONS AND NO FEAR BECAUSE THEY KNOW ITS RARE WHEN ANYONE THEY MIGHT WANT TO ATTACK OR ROB WILL BE BLE TO RESIST ! I have long espoused having a good 2nd 2mendment and maintaining good weapons means the bad guys will be more afraid that some one might resist fatally for them ! Even having armed personnel in schools would do maore to deter mass shootings than having unarmed perple protecting kids. . .when these potential murders will certainly not be as quick to act when they might face immediate resistance ! ! !

  15. Just look at the records. Did you see any gun violence from God-fearing American gun owners? NO Right! Most of the Gun violence is committed by either Illegal Aliens or Gang bangers or the common Criminals that will always get the illegal fully Automatic Military weapons. So how can they say that because we the American Gun owner create violent crimes? They are lying so they can UN-arm us. Do you know why they want to UN-arm the American Citizens? It all has to do with The New World Order and the mass Culling of the Overpopulation of the United States of America as well as the entire world. They want to reduce the world’s overpopulation. If you need absolute proof just see the Georgia Guidestones. They were erected by the wealthy Elitists of the world their evil plans for the (New World Order) that in fact is underway right now in the present year of 2021 that actually is Agenda 21.

  16. Remember the only reason that was are still a free people is that we have our 2nd Amendment rights and the fact that we are all Gun owners able to own and bear arms. If they take away your guns then we will no longer be a free people. Do not give up your Guns.

  17. My dad told me women and children are only save in this world as long as men allow them to be or you can protect yourself so dad gave me a gun and taught me to use it safely when I started driving and I’ve carried it every since I’ve never had to use it and I’ve never pulled it on anyone but if it became necessary I can and will use it.

  18. Many comments are attributed to many people (Yamamoto, for instance). The three main truths to me are:

    1. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away;
    2. If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns, and;
    3. The best thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun (thanks to NRA for this one)..

    ’nuff said.

  19. In past history when a country takes away the Citizen’s guns have had mass cullings of their Citizens either because of Oposetions or because of the people that voted against that President or communist leader. But most of the time they kill off a religious Sect mostly because Communists are against any religion.

  20. the article would be more true to its intent if it included actual facts to compare the us and other countries, as written kinda useless to show that point

  21. They also compared the murder/crime rate of the USA to other nations the size of individual US States, without ALSO calculating the hundreds of thousands of murders and crimes that were PREVENTED by the use of a firearm. But, of course, that doesn’t stop them from lumping many shootings in the prevention of a crime or in self defense with crime and murder stats. Liberals have become masters at manipulating data, in all aspects, and then disseminating it through their propaganda machine, the MSM.

  22. first, I would like to say thank you to all who served this country. I agree that anyone who willingly gives up the right of self and family defense is naive, if not stupid. this government is not your friend, nor will it protect you at present with the demented one holding the reins. or should I say reigns. this country was founded on freedom, its constitution and all other documents were meant to keep Americans safe from a dictator like government or a ruling one. we fought hard and long all over the world for freedom, only to see it trying to be taken from us by evil people. hold fast to your guns. they are your only means to survive. go BRANDON.

  23. I wonder what the ratio is when comparing the number of guns in private hands to the number of deaths not counting suicides.

  24. If you are an unarmed citizen you are not free. You are nothing more then a government slave who is brain washed and indoctrinated into a woke progressive liberal scenario of deception and lies. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting rights and personal protection it has to do with our nations patriots and citizens having the ability to fight back if our government becomes tyrannical and or abusive. The famous author Jon Lott said in his book titled “More Guns Less Crime” proved and meant every word of it. Most gun crimes are committed in gun free zones. Because everyone is a sitting duck and the offender doesn’t have to worry about someone defending themselves and others in retaliation. I am qualified to make this statement above as a USAF Retired W-1 American Patriot Vietnam Combat War Veteran who defended the US and the Constitution and my enlistment never expires. My solemn oath that I took doesn’t either to defend the US the flag and the Constitution. I say “Don’t Tread On Me,” especially my rights to own and bear arms. The Police have no obligation to protect us and when the SHTF they most likely will be cowed down with their families and couldn’t care less about you. I would rather have a Colt model 1911 semi automatic pistol loaded next to my bed then a phone on speed dial to 911. I also would rather be judged by 12 then to be taken under by 6. What part of this doesn’t anyone seem to understand. With our borders not being protected with crime running a muck and with inflation and people losing their jobs it is going to become a mob mentality before you know it and only the gun owners will have a chance to survive under these ominous conditions. I am The Daniel-M: Furesz USAF Retired W-1 Private Attorney General & Secured Party Creditor and as a licensed NJ. Notary Public I can not legally lie to you.

  25. A semi-automatic rifle *IS* one trigger pull one shot. The term refers to the rifle automatically loading the next round into the chamber, not that it is auto fire. The Council used the correct term, although they expect people to assume that they mean machine-gun type arms.

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