Social Security Gun Ban Proposed

Several terrible anti-gun bills have popped up in Congress following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. I know I am “preaching to the choir,” but it’s worth repeating the fact that none of these proposed bills would have done anything to prevent a mass shooting; these bills only serve to disarm millions of law-abiding Americans who did not shoot up a school in Florida.

One of the most offensive bills in the Senate right now is S. 2135, the “Fix NICS Act,” sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and co-sponsored by Sen. Dianne “Turn ’em all in, Mr. and Mrs. America!” Feinstein (D-CA).

Some people are going to accuse us of fear-mongering or producing “fake news” because of the title of this article. They will argue that the words “social security” do not appear anywhere in the text of S. 2135. These people are fools who do not understand how modern legislation functions or how it overlaps with existing regulatory code. Don’t listen to them.

S. 2135 forces states to “achieve compliance with all eligibility requirements” if they wish to receive law enforcement grant money from the Justice Department and other agencies. It’s the word “all” that ropes in social security recipients and potentially millions of additional Americans like student loan holders, food stamp recipients and others. The intended gun-grabbing consequence of S. 2135 will be that states will rush to add as many names as humanly possible to the federal NICS system in order to continue receiving their federal gravy train.

Here’s a very specific example of how the “Fix NICS Act” could impact you. “Fugitives from justice” are supposed to be included in the NICS. Something that frequently happens, however, is that states do not bother reporting the names of out-of-state drivers who have unpaid traffic tickets to the NICS (even though, technically, they fit the definition of a “fugitive from justice”). If you were pulled over for speeding in another state years ago and failed to appear for a court date, guess what? Your name will be added to the NICS the second that S. 2135 becomes federal law.

Yet every time that Sen. Cornyn steps in front of the cameras, he talks about how his legislation is only intended to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerously mentally ill people. An unpaid traffic ticket is a pretty far stretch from being a potential school shooter.

Likewise, if a social security recipient cannot manage their checkbook, they are technically “mentally defective” and banned from gun ownership under federal law. Due to common sense, these social security recipients are usually not added to the NICS. They’re not dangerous and every person in close proximity to them knows it, so their names are never turned over to the feds. That will also change, immediately, if S. 2135 becomes law.

Cornyn heart is not in the right place on this issue and it never has been (he may be a Republican Senator from Texas, but he’s no Ted Cruz). Cornyn has never been a true friend of the Second Amendment and for years he tried to pass one of Barack Obama’s favorite bills that would have expanded federal law by labeling millions of additional Americans as “mental defectives.”

In the aftermath of the Florida school shooting, everyone is talking about the need to keep firearms out of the hands of the “dangerously mentally ill” people, but no one wants to talk honestly about the second half of that problem, which is, what do we do about it?

You say you want to ban crazy people from purchasing guns? Fine. Please explain who you would want to have the authority to determine whether you are mentally ill. How about your mailman? He’s a federal employee. How about public school teachers? If your child has a problem with a particular teacher, should the teacher have the authority to add them — permanently — to the NICS?

Progressive (anti-gun) members of the American Psychiatric Association have been publishing white papers for years claiming that political conservatism is a form of mental illness. Should they be allowed to declare you mentally ill on their own, without a judge or another third party’s input?

Federal law already bans the mentally ill from gun ownership — so long as a legal process is followed and the determination is made by mental health professionals, a judge and corroborating witnesses. This is as it should be, so that your mailman cannot anonymously declare you to be nuts and prompt a visit from the BATFE.

Since this is established law, any “new” legislation, like S. 2135, is just another excuse to disarm law-abiding Americans. When you have time, send your Senators an email or place a quick phone call to urge a “No” vote on S. 2135.

~ American Gun News

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61 Responses

  1. What exactly is “THIS” suppose to stop or prevent. I will be collecting SS in December of this year !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Robert, please read this billUnder the Constitution we can’t recall Senators or Congress people. Please read both the Constitution and this bill before panicking.. The title is indeed fear mongering.

      1. “S. 2135 forces states to “achieve compliance with all eligibility requirements” if they wish to receive law enforcement grant money from the Justice Department and other agencies.”

        This means if the ATF makes an unconstitutional dictate that those who are POOR and in need of help with financing or RETIRED and drawing their SS income BACK from the retirement account they were FORCED BY LAW to pay into all their lives prohibited then yes it will DENY them their constitutional rights.

        Remember when OBAMA was in office he ALREADY tried to make it illegal for EVERYONE to have a gun when his attempt to ban AMMO through the EPA failed he then tried to go after those on government BENEFIT programs insisting that HAVING SOMEONE ELSE”S handle their FINANCES somehow made them a DANGER to others.

        So follow your own advice and read not just this bill and the constitution but ALL THE ATTEMPTS to restrict gun ownership that has ever been tried and the sneaky way they impose their demands. Remember much if not all of what was said about the affordable care act has come to pass and all it did was CREATE AND FUND COMMITTEES to make rules dictating how health care works and even restricting what people are allowed.

        Several states have already attempted to do DOOR TO DOOR gun confiscations on the grounds that living in “GOVERNMENT HOUSING” meant they GAVE UP their rights that the GOVERNMENT can control all they do just because of who owns or built the house where they live.

        When Oklahoma recently passed the widely supported bill to allow CCP teachers to be armed the opposition snuck NUMEROUS restrictions on gun rights into that bill and they will soon be experiencing the fallout including the fact those restrictions NEGATE the very intent of the bill that was to allow TEACHERS to be able to PROTECT students by being armed.

    2. That’s what I would like to know as well Robert. Cornyn needs to join the democrat party if he is going to go against the Constitutional rights of Americans!!!

  2. John Cornyn should be recalled! He is a disgrace to the state of Texas! I have already informed his office that he will NOT get my vote when he comes up for re election in 2020!

    1. Robert, please read this billUnder the Constitution we can’t recall Senators or Congress people. Please read both the Constitution and this bill before panicking.. The title is indeed fear mongering.

    2. Nancy, my comment was meant for you, not Robert. By the way, I favor repealing the 17th Amendment so we could do exactly what you say, recall US Senators through our respective State legislatures if need be. I also favor Term Limits.

      A Deplorable who owns guns and Bibles

  3. Are you kidding me!!! Siding with a commie cRAT!!!!!!!Traitor to AMERICANS ,TEXAS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR REP?

  4. You have got to be kidding me. How many Retired people are known to go around and do mass shootings? How many seniors go out and hold up stores? How many Social Security folks commit gun related crimes? Seems to me these 2 dumba$$ senators have their heads screwed on BACKWARDS. If anyone needs a gun for protection you’d think it would be the seniors, VOTE these dumba$$e$ out since they don’t know what reality really is and send them to their little rainbow room without any pension.

    1. Richard, more seniors and others on government benefits commit crimes than you obviously think. But of course that’s not a reason to suspend the Bill of Rights. Please read the bill. The article is indeed alarmist and misleading.

  5. After the next election, Cornyn will no longer be a senator!!!!

  6. I can understand Feinstein proposing such an un-American bill, but Cornyn, a Texan, ia unforgivable. Both Senators should be convicted of being totally stupid and not worthy of serving the American people. Since they hate law and justice and the right of each man and woman to defend themselves against criminals and the likes of their kind who want to rule without any resistance to their edicts. I can expect this kind of thinking from a left wing democrat or any democrat, but a republican who is suppose to understand and support the Constitution, a disgrace. Hope every Texan will throw Cornyn out when is is up for reelection and any one else who supports such a stupid bill.

    1. John, the article is very misleading, although it tries to imply that those who disagree are fools. So please read the bill for yourself.

  7. WOW HERE WE GO A RHINO AND A DUMOCRAT WANTING THE LIME LIGHT FOR US TO THINK YOU ARE SO GREAT AND INTELLIGENT. WELL MY DOGS HAVE MORE SENSE. Hey I have an ideal lets castrate this bastard as he is no man and sew up this bitches privates as they are useless as teats on a boar hog. That is how stupid you are in wanting us seniors to give up our weapons All I see here is advertisement to get free ads to get money to get re elected. What low lifes

    1. Norman, from your desire to harm these Senators I’d say you need to seek psychiatric help. You’re no patriotic American, true conservative, or Christian. The bill would be meant to possibly cover violence prone people like yourself.

  8. Having read the entire US Senate bill S. 2135, count this conservative constitutionalist gun and Bible owning Deplorable as a fool who believes your tittle is indeed fear mongering. Your obvious attempt to discredit dissent from your dubious opinion on the bill is what I’d expect of a progressive organization engaging in fear mongering and fake news, not yours. It’s disappointing. I see no way to construe the bill as a potential vehicle for banning gun ownership for Socials Security, welfare, food stamp, VA, or student loan, and other government program recipients.

    What the bill intends to achieve is to correct the disparate, disorderly, disorganized, and disfunctional collecting of information by a multiplicity of alphabet soup agencies of people who would be disqualified from owning guns due to criminal actions, mental illness, or lack of citizenship status.

    Of what should be of concern are efforts to make sure that Due Process procedures are rigorously followed. For example, your article mentions people on Social Security who are determined as not being able to handle their own fiances. As you rightly imply, such is not necessarily an indication of mental illness. Due process would demand that only a court of law with its Bill of Rights protections adjudicate a determination of mental illness and therefore the denial of 2nd Amendment rights.

    Of course for the former to be effective, patriotic Americans must insist that the CENTRAL government once again as Jefferson said be bound by the chains of the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights with significant, if not draconian, penalties for government officials who violate them. Therefore I’ll put in a plug for an Article V Convention as we know the Courts, Congress, and administration will never relinquish such power willingly. What is needed is a restoration of our once great country to a democratic (very small d) Republic under the rule of true Constitutional Law. To achieve such is the raison d’être that Madison, Jefferson and Joseph Story wrote the 2nd Amendment was written. Justice Story said the 2nd Amendment was the palladium of rights for without it none of the other rights could be assured.

    By the way, why didn’t you mention the minor detail that the NRA supports the bill. Are they also fools?

  9. People like him are more dangerous than the Democrats who want to ban guns

  10. Cornyn and Feinstein are two of the most stupid people in the Senate (aside from Pelosi). Cornyn needs a new hemp necktie and Feinstein a boa.

    1. Should people who advocate killing politicians be on the no purchase lists?

  11. Those who proposed this piece of stupidity should be hanged for Treason against the Americans who made great sacrifice for this nation!

    1. Have you read the bill in its entirety? Please do so and then make an erudite comment.

  12. RE: To the question from women or male cooks who ask why a person needs more than one gun ?

    Ask her/him how many knives they use in the kitchen ?
    Could they get by with only a paring knife ?
    How about a chef’s knife ?
    How about a single steak knife ?
    Why doe they need multiple knives ?

    1. Actually this question about knives will become even more relevant as nations that have already imposed the gun bans the ANTI American politicians in this nation are demanding have now moved on to RESTRICTING knives and demanding KNIFE CONTROL to stop the SAME CRIMES they claimed would go away if they just banned guns but have not despite having done so.


  14. Sounds like the Senator wants to be force to turn in his guns and those of his security staff. Wonder how his colleagues from Texas feel about this absured law proposal?

  15. Alleged representatives who do not adhere to constitution and Bill of rights should be removed from office! GOP or Dem

  16. Senator ,you need to start looking for one of those really good lobbying jobs because we will put you out to pasture if you follow whatever line of thinking you have bought into or are attempting to sell. I’m a Texas born 1940..

  17. Just because I use “syko” as part of my screen name, they may come after my guns. Welcome to the new America. Liberal gun haters everywhere.

  18. For an old guy like myself, a handgun at home levels the playing field against potential home intruders, burglars, etc. I am not concerned about 90-year old intruders, but 100 percent of those who are much younger than myself . Old people are not the perpretrators of armed crimes. So what’s the point of such a law?

  19. This is absurd and a stamped over the 2nd Admendment rights that all Americans are privalleged to have thanks to to the many lives givin to protect it and it makes a mokery of them and or forefathers these people should be ousted for going against the very oath they took to protect the Constitution and the rights of the American people it’s of the people for the people by the people they should bow in humility to do such a thing!!!

  20. It is obvious that you don’t have to be intelligent to be a Congressman

  21. I’ve thought about you and your kind and I think you should schedule a hunting trip with Justice Scalia , oh! I forget he is gone. I’ll do a little research and come up with a suitable replacement. You time in the Senate has not been distinguished by any real positions but at this time you need to return to the closet…

  22. Most of us are smart enough to know that NONE OF THESE BILLS would have made any difference. So stop trying to screw with the people which have done nothing wrong.

  23. So how many of us SS receivers have terrorized the country w/ AR-15s?

  24. Going after SSI is the stupidest thing I ever heard of!

    1. Good, because that’s not what the bill is about despite the author’s alarmist claims.

  25. Put Cronyn and the ugly Feinstruck both in jail because that’s where they belong……….I’m here waiting for either one of you………..if you think you can take them give it you’re best shot.

    1. I see we have another “super patriot” who doesn’t believe in the Constitution or Due Process.

  26. i planned on doing some more hunting and target practicing after my retirement,just leave us old people alone,some of you men,need to understand it is hobby and a challenge to be able to build and tune a rifle that you can hit a bullseye on a target at 2 or 3 hundred it to golfer hitting a hole in one an older softball player hitting a grand slam

  27. I hope that the folks in Texas will find a better state representative than John Cornyn. Surely there is someone who will stand up for the 2nd amendment instead of trying to destroy it.

    1. Does disallowing violent criminals, illegals, and adjudicated mentally ill persons from owning guns destroy the 2nd Amendment?

      By the way, I believe we law abiding sane people should be allowed to even own FULLY automatic weapons, i.e., true assault rifles, without government licensing.

  28. This is getting pretty sad, they are not even caring on how to actually stop any mass shootings, or shootings of any kind. However they are creating more victims, for without anyway to protect ourselves we will all be victims.

  29. What can I do when John “the nutjob rino” Cornyn IS my Senator? Appeal to Ted Cruz? He already knows what to do, no problems there. My representative (Pete Olsen) is also solid. Are other Senators going to listen to someone who is not one of their constituents?
    The way I see it, the only thing we can do is to work hard to make sure Cornyn does not get reelected…

  30. Are you crazy, what kinda brainiac thought this one up, yea let’s take away the 2nd Amendment rights of those on SS and why exactly, not every individual on SS is somehow mentally or physically unstable and unable to understand gun rights and the ability to use a weapon need be, how could you possibly think that stripping countless Americans there right and ability to protect themselves just because there on SS, if anything maybe the law should read if your on SS and disabled we require you own a firearm to protect yourself, bet that wouldn’t fly and nor should this half-whit idea that just because you collect SS, you somehow shouldn’t have a 2nd Amendment right. Wake up America, stop these idiot legislators from inacting any more laws, that strip away our God Given Freedoms!

  31. It has obviously escaped Cronyn and Feinstein’s notice but elderly Republican voters who are receiving SS are more likely to own guns than their Democrat counterparts. And if the pair of them are capable of remembering, these are the people who you would have to pry their guns out of their cold dead hands. That will make a pretty picture won’t it folks. I think this is the epitome of shooting yourself in the foot.

  32. When I was in college, living at the dorm, about every other room had a firearm. During my two years at that college, there was no incident. I spend 20 years in the military and carried a firearm as did many of others carry a gun. To my knowledge there was no incident involving a firearm. Today”s world has changed but the problem is not the gun, it is the mentally ill persons. There was evidence of the mental imbalance of the recent person with a firearm.. In today’s world there are an increase of home invasion. There is were the family needs protection. The home owner has a right to protect their property and lives of the family which can be killing the invader who is planning to steal and hurt. There are two people who believe the thug’s life is more valuable than the TV. It is the thug who set the price on his life. In Chicago which has very strict rules about carrying a gun and it has over 1,000 incident a year and a city in Texas with about the same population and mix of people has a bout a year since they can have guns and protect their family and property.

  33. when i pay my doctor a visit at the VA, the questions that are asked..
    are you depressed? No
    do you have a tendency to harm yourself or others? No
    do you have suicide thoughts? No
    does anyone manage your money? No
    answering yes to any of these questions thanks to the conservatives in congress, i can have my firearms seized..
    So, no is the correct answer for me, BUT if anyone should answer yes to any of them, and know the end result, no one will state yes and now it becomes a problem..
    I have talked to other veterans while waiting and some have had their firearms seized and others flat out state they have no issues mentally or financially, just to keep their firearms..

  34. They are all sneaky sunsabitches and only concerned about the vote and stealing money from their “constituents”. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA…time to clean house…the whole house.

  35. that rhino rep.,with his demonvrap boys can all be voted out.

  36. When you take the guns away, you might as well open all doors to illegal immigration because we will not be able to stop them. Then those bent on destroying our country will have no trouble doing just that. That will put us at the mercy of those countries
    with which we have bad relations.

  37. Like folks on SS are a threat ! Instead they are those that may need firearms a bit more than younger folks for protection as they are often targets of criminals.

  38. It is so disheartening that every time loathsome and harmful events occur, people want another law passed to prevent recurrence. Too many folks seem to believe that laws protect us from harm when true safety and security are the gifts of a civil society, one whose citizens were raised by their mothers to respect the rights of others. The sad part is that we already have more than enough laws to discourage, if not prevent, mass murder and all other criminal acts. But before creating a new law, would it not be wise first to enforce the current laws before declaring defeat? The only a reason to pass a new law is that the current laws are insufficient or ineffective, or both, and that additional, stronger protections are required. To date, no one has claimed that enforcement of current firearms law has been or is insufficient to protect life, liberty, and property. America is a house divided against itself; regrettably, for almost any topic of importance, half of the population opposes the belief and position of the other half. Too often, each side is unconcerned with fact and doggedly holds to their own opinion, refusing to entertain the slightest possibility they could be wrong, so much so that they pronounce themselves justified in denying freedom, liberty, and, yes, even life to those who differ. God help us! It appears the inmates have taken charge of the asylum; regardless of what new law Congress enacts, the unintended consequences will be severe, as usual, while doing nothing to solve the problem and everything possible to destroy the “Republican Form of Government” guaranteed by Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution.


  40. I thought Texans had more sense than this so called Senator. Have him visit the Alamo and maybe he will agree as to what the Constitution is all about, including the 2 nd. AMENDMENT. Does he want to pull another Hitler against the Jews ? Except this time Americans will be his Jews. IN GOD WE TRUST & GOD BLESS AMERICA. AMEN. ! ! !

  41. Perhaps the folks residing in these two Senators districts should mail them a copy of Title 18 USC sec 241.

    Don Campbell

  42. Gee. I am in my 60’s, have a carry permit and shot a 98 the last time I qualified. I know people in their 20’s that can not balance their checkbook. Screw taking social security and just give everyone an IQ test. There will be plenty of openings in the law enforcement community.

  43. The simple answer is to just ,have the criminals turn in their guns and tell the mentally ill it’s illegal to kill people. See how easy it would be. Just do that!

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