The UN Pushes for Global Gun Control

It’s easy to get short sighted. It’s easy to focus on the domestic fights and misunderstand international threats. That’s a mistake. Gun grabbers are global, and they’ve already won in most countries on earth. The number of nations that still protect their citizens’ right to bear arms is almost non-existent, and it continues to shrink.

Worst of all, the United Nations serves as a forum for these human rights violators to push their agenda and continue to weaken the autonomy of individual citizens throughout the world. Just a few weeks ago, they used the UN to do exactly that, and the results are not encouraging for anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment.

The UN had a two-week conference at the end of June. It was called the Third Review Conference on the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat, and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (PoA). Yes, that’s the real name, and yes, the conference was as ridiculous as the title.

On the surface, it might seem like a well-meaning attempt to stop weapons smuggling. That would be great, but it isn’t the case at all.

Instead, this is a two-week anti-gun convention. Delegates from more than 60 countries met to hash out a document that numbered more than 50 pages. The bulk of it was simple lip service. Guns are bad. Guns cause all human suffering. Guns need to be regulated.

There is language in the document that is troubling for any gun owner. While the UN itself doesn’t have teeth, the aim of the document is to influence legislation in as many countries as possible to reduce gun ownership rights. That’s even spelled out in the document’s plan of action.

A number of guns and manufacturers have been targeted by the UN since the first of these meetings in 2001. The United States has always been one of the few voices of reason in their attempt to protect the right to bear arms across the globe. Considering this is a God-given right, that’s an obvious position. This time around, the anti-gunners were ready for the U.S. and they came out swinging.

The big push for change this year was to add ammunition to the UN’s ban list. Since they struggle to actually regulate guns, they could target a smaller list of ammunition manufacturers and try to put them out of business. Without ammo, guns are hardly a threat. It’s an insidious approach to increase centralized power throughout the globe. Citizens who can’t resist their governments are more susceptible to UN control. The U.S. fought this change every step of the way, but ultimately ammo was included in the new document.

It’s important to understand just how underhanded this approach was. You see, this PoA conference was aiming to craft what is known as a consensus document. That means the document can’t be ratified by the UN unless every party involved consents. It’s important for works like this that deliberately attack fundamental rights. Consider if the UN was instead working on a resolution to limit the freedom of the press. Reactions might be a bit stronger from many of the involved nations.

Here’s where things get ugly. The U.S. never consented to the ammo additions to this document. Israel stood fast with the U.S. Additionally, more than a dozen countries abstained from voting. There was no consensus. But, the document was still ratified. The progressives in the UN broke their own protocol in order to attack gun ownership.

It’s predictable, but it reinforces how dangerous progressives are. Just like the zealots who installed Mao, modern progressives are willing to abandon all of the civil institutions of society in order to get their way. And, what they want is no less dangerous than the institutions of Mao himself.

This is more proof that Donald Trump is right. The UN is a corrupt organization with nothing to show for its near 100 year run. Everything they claim to have accomplished was really done by the U.S. and her allies. Without U.S. funding the organization is nothing.

Moreover, without the United States military, there is no incentive for anyone to follow UN resolutions. It’s time to stop funding this anti-Semitic, anti-American group.

~ American Gun News

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19 Responses

  1. The U.N. Is nothing but terrorists. This is what happens in Germany and Hitler. Throw the U.N. Out of America.

  2. Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S. This is not quite as bad as it sounds. The efforts only applies to Nation’s on the list of confirmed terrorists countries known to sponsor the conflicts around the world. Also the U.N. actually has no enforcement powers. Only Presidents the likes of Obama, Hillary, Joe Biden ECT. Would sign such a treaty. Congress and the Senate cannot ratify and treaties that violate the constitution. No foreign troops can set foot on U.S. soil with the purpose of engaging in a hostile military action. This would be act of war. If the President tried to invite U.N. troops to engage in such action the military Joint chiefs are not bound to obay such orders as the are unlawful and would result in removal of that President from office. Our military leaders are bound by oath to defend America from all enemies both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. The President swore this same oath as did any American the services in the military. This would most likely lead to combat and U.S. troops would quickly defeat any such U.N. forces. The continuity of Government would put the vice president in office. If he/she refused to obeay their oath of office, the speaker of the house is next in line. If all of the political leaders refuse to fallow the constitution America would find It’s self under Martial Law until such time as the constitutional government can be restored. This will take some time. Individual State governments would become the only civilian governments that would have to govern themselves until a lawful federal government can be restored. Each individual state has the responsibility to defend it’s borders from any such enemy. They all have activie National Guard, Sate Police as well l as other Lawenforcement agencies and armed civilians. Also the Governor’s can expect and will receive regular military assistance. This is exactly why the axis forces during WW2 desided that a ground invation of the United States as was Switzerland was unsustainable due to an armed civilian population.THIS is how it’s supposed to work, but who knows these days. We unfortunately have far to many communist progressive in our society and government today that would put America in such jepordy. So I guess we’d just have to see what happens, one thing is for sure, it won’t be pretty and a lot of people will get dead That shouldn’t be because our Government failed to do what the constitution and the rule of law command…

  3. I’ve got and idea that should work. lets run the UN’s ass out of the United States and withdraw from there communistic ways.

  4. We, the United States of America need to remove our Nation from the UN. This threat of removing our weapons of self defense has gone on far too log. It is time to end this Globally Controlling entity from our Midst!

  5. The UN has no business telling the US anything about our firearms as we lead them around by their skinny little noses! They don’t take care of their own business and they have no control over us no matter what that jackass Obama may have promised them. He was a flop that should have never happened. He and the trolls Hillary and John Kerry, both fools beyond comprehension, did their best to sell us out! They all three deserve to be in jail!

  6. it’s beyond time to leave the UN. Why are they worried about our home defense capabilities when Russia, China, the Middle East and N.Korea are far bigger threats?

  7. LOL………..NO ONE WILL EVER GET OUR GUNS……….That is the joke of the yr…….

  8. Get Rid of the UN It is a bunch of cowards that hate America, BUT they want America to protect them!
    {There are some obvious exceptions.}

    Does this seem strange to anyone else?

  9. I believe as do hat others that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should withdraw our membership from the U.N. then kick them out of this country ! ! ! ! ! There are hundreds of U.N. personnel in this country ! ! ! ! There are hundreds of thousands of U.N. peacekeeping troops here, the congress or the President didn’t invite them here instead it was the mayors of New York and Chicago by going to the U.N. and pleading for their help instead of using National Guard troops with rioting in the To me the invasion of U.N. troops is an invasion by foreign troops as an act of war and should be acted upon with military action ! ! ! !

  10. This UN Small Arms Treaty is an extremely dangerous proposition. Its singular purpose is to remove firearms of all varieties from private citizens world-wide. It ties in with Agenda 21, the NWO establishment of a
    Singular governing body world-wide, with a central commanding presence. Removing firearms historically, has preceded every single tyrannical overthrow of established government. America is one of the very few places where nearly everyone may own firearm, and many, many do. And many own several. Once “the people” are disarmed, they become subjected to any and all forms of force, fear and tyranny.
    A few years back, there was a big push to get Barry Sotero, the foreign born student, to sign off on these measures. The UN figured as radical, power-hungry as he is, as well as firmly opposed to private firearms ownership, for reasons already explained.
    Well, the who ugly mess flies in the face of our US Constitution. Although Bsth-house Barry did not sign onto the document, he offered John Frankenstein Kerry the pleasure of signing, which he elatedly jumped at the chance. However, that darn old Constitution always gets in the way of Constitutional mayhem. Turns out that in order for the US agreement to affiliate with the UN
    Mobsters, thimble-witted Kerry and Sotero found their leap at underhandedly excoriating the Second Amendment required any
    Agreement to a foreign treaty must be
    Ratified by a 2/3 majority in the Senate.
    Thank God once again for the brilliance of our forefathers, who were all too familiar with the slithery, slimey likes of Bath-house Barry and his anti-American ne’er-do-wells.
    But, its not to rest on our laurels, for the evil minds of those who stay up late crafting ways to pull the power plug out from America, and see her become the same as the third world banana republics from whence the Barry Soteros of the world come.
    They bring nothing good. And they leave nothing good.

  11. As others have said, I shall reiterate.. It is past time for the U.S. to withdraw from the U.N., as well as withdraw any and all financial and material aid. Additionally, the U.S. should evict all agencies of the U.N. from within the borders of the United States. Since the U.N. is now mostly an organization that supports the agendas of the world’s terrorist nations, perhaps the U.N. can secure its funding and office space from within the borders of those same terrorist supporting nations.

  12. This it a total bullshit fake news. Shame on AGN for perpetuating a myth.

    #1 Our Constitution states that our govt. cannot infringe on our 2nd Amendment and the Heller Decision holds that to be ironclad
    #2 No international law, treaty or agreement can override our Constitution
    #3 I am unsubscribing from this rag since it falls in with CNN and MSNBC perpetuating false news and clickbait titles

    Shame on you for this kinD OF BULLSHIT

  13. Anyone in the World who Values Freedom and the Right to Self Protection from Aggressive Government Over-reach should Tell the UN to Pack Sand…President Trump should Stop All UN Funding and tell them to Find Another Place of Residence, in Another Country…

  14. I don’t really even see the value of NATO or any of these organizations. Now keeping peace between the major powers requires a council that represents everyone, but these people have no business sticking their noses into our business.

    Dumb politicians go to meetings and conferences with foreign leaders and they forget that all that fancy food and the glamour of gathering all these leaders is not reflective of our lives. It’s okay for them to pretend they don’t need this or that or that something should be done or changed, but they vote or campaign for changes that don’t affect them. They have money, they have clout, and they have personal security teams.

    So I guess between the booze and their egos and all the pageantry and importance placed on these events, they don’t see reality very clearly. If it sounds good, they move on it, but they don’t really consider the affects their decisions have on the citizens. And U.S. leaders should ALWAYS protect U.S. citizens rights and freedoms and stop trying to buddy up with foreign constituents. What do they hope to get? A position in a foreign government? If that’s what they want then let them give up their U.S. citizenship and get the Hell out. I prefer to keep my rights and freedoms and my guns and deal in U.S. currency.

  15. I fully support Mr. Vazquez’s position on NATO’s presents in America and I agree they should be thrown out of our Country, they should never have been here in the first place, I also believe that when John Kerry tried his underhand trick he should have been tried for Treason as goes for anyone who tries to go against our Constitution. I will forever keep my gun’s only Death will part me from them.

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