4 Gun-Grabbing Republicans You Should Never Trust

It’s an uncomfortable fact that most people who run for political office are the types that believe life cannot exist without government – and lots of it – intruding into our lives. Many politicians seem to believe that you would not be able to tie your shoes in the morning, and that animals in the forest will all starve to death, were it not for their benevolent intervention.

Now that we will have a “split” Congress starting in 2019, it presents an added danger for gun owners. Career politicians are already starting in with the “Let’s do something bipartisan!” refrain – and our gun rights could end up in their crosshairs because of this. Here are some of the Republicans we think you should keep a close eye on, and never ever trust when it comes to your gun rights.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX): Cornyn is Mitch McConnell’s right-hand man and the #2 most powerful person in the US Senate. In 2016, Cornyn sponsored a mental health “red flag” gun-grabbing bill that was literally written by the Obama administration. The media praised the bill because it would “finally” provide help for mentally ill people who “really need it.”

If the Cornyn-Obama bill had been passed by Congress and signed into law, the following “mentally ill” groups would have had their gun rights stripped away and their firearms confiscated by the federal government:

  • Couples who have visited a marriage counselor
  • Every American soldier ever deployed to a combat zone
  • Seniors who have difficulty balancing their checkbooks
  • Anyone who ever visits a mental health counselor for any reason

Fortunately, the Cornyn-Obama bill never made it out of committee. That doesn’t mean that it won’t resurface next year, however. Also, keep in mind that Cornyn has an A+ rating from the NRA.

Newly-Elected Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL): Scott is another one of those Republican politicians who talks a good game on the campaign trail. As always, it pays to look at a politician’s actions rather than just listening to his or her words. In fairness, Scott has done a few good things for gun rights in Florida, such as preventing doctors from asking about gun ownership, cheaper concealed-carry permits and a “stand your ground” expansion. But on the flip side, Scott signed Florida’s “bipartisan” SB 7026 into law. This was one of the most sweeping anti-gun bills to become law in the Sunshine State in many years.

SB 7026 includes “red flag” confiscations, imposes a three-day waiting period on gun buys and raises the minimum age to buy a firearm to 21. There’s that “red flag” thing again. Oh, and Rick Scott’s NRA rating? A+.

Little Marco Rubio (R-FL): Isn’t it amazing how Marco Rubio always has his finger right on the pulse of what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi want? After the Parkland school massacre, Rubio immediately co-sponsored a “red flag” bill put forward by Democrat Senators Manchin, Nelson and Reed. There’s no word on whether Rubio pushed John Cornyn out of the way to get his signature on the bill first.

During his embarrassing appearance on CNN’s town hall “meeting” with the heavily-coached Parkland brat squad, Rubio immediately caved and offered to abandon the Second Amendment. Faced with the rhetorical wizardry of teenagers, Little Marco offered to sponsor bills banning magazines, raising the minimum age to buy an AR-15 and expanding the NICS background check system. Rubio’s NRA rating: A.

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL): We didn’t mean to pick on Florida so much in this article when we started writing it – honest! Congressman Mast made one of the most dramatic flip-flops we’ve ever seen in the wake of the Parkland shooting. He actually wrote an op-ed for the New York Times calling for a ban on America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15.

Mast then jumped on board and co-sponsored a bill from California Democrats to give more of your tax dollars – in the form of Department of Justice grants – to states that impose “red flag” confiscation laws. We’re on pins and needles waiting to see if his anti-gun antics will somehow affect his ‘A’ rating from the NRA in 2020.

As we’ve covered numerous times in the past, so-called “red flag” gun laws will be the death of the Second Amendment if they spread to the federal level. What’s to stop the federal government from declaring “patriotism” or “support for low taxes” as a mental illness if we give it power to take people’s guns away based on something as subjective as “mental health.” Where do you draw the line?

Those are 4 Republicans currently in Congress who have proven that they cannot be trusted to protect our gun rights. Keep a close eye on them and don’t trust them once they inevitably start claiming they’ve discovered a “bipartisan” solution to gun control.

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27 Responses

  1. These four disgusting men should be run out of Congress. They lied to the people who voted them in. I bet they all have body guards with guns and have guns at their homes. Disgrace to the constitution. Tar and feather traitors to America.

    1. any anti gunner representative that took the oath of office should be gone, they took the oath to uphold our Constitution and bill of rights, they lied, and should be impeached, we also have un Americans in our Government. what the hell are people smoking to vote in such raicals.

  2. John Cronyn has been a POS RINO for as many years has he’s been in Office! Have called for his removal or for Him to step Down for a N7mber Of Years! Texas can And Must do better than this POS!

  3. We must remember that the FOUNDING FATHERS wrote letters and had many conversations about “arms” and the right to bear and use them.
    In their arguments they were clear that the discussion was NEVER about the right to protect LIFE, LIMB and PROPERTY using any arms or force necessary, that was a given.
    Their final arguments and the wording used in 2A were based on the NEED and RIGHT of the PEOPLE to be able to overthrow a despotic and or overbearing government or an invasion by a foreign entity (this included licensed and unlicensed piracy).. This meant that the “arms” available to the PEOPLE must be unlimited and equal to those that might be used against the people.
    In fact the Founding Fathers each had saber, bow, war hatchet, rifle, pistol as well as mortar and cannon! To say that WE the PEOPLE (the true government) are limited in what “arms” we can protect ourselves with against an overbearing government or foreign invasion (including ORGANIZED illegal entry across private lands at the border) is insane.

  4. You need to add John Kasich to your list. He hates gun owners and just vetoed OH HB228. Thankfully our House and Senate overturned his veto.

  5. Well, Just think of what Utah has handed America in this election !. How about Flake Romney, the butt buddy of Paul Ryan, the speaker who has betrayed every G.O.P. voter in America. Never refer to Romney again as “Mitt” . His new name now and forever will be “Flake” because even before being sworn in on this date, he has betrayed Utah, the United States, and President Trump. He is a seriously flawed poor loser, who started his career in Boston, trying to pull the very same crap as Obama. (ie: health care). For the people who really know him, they are truly convinced that the only thing dumber than Flake Romney is the Utah voters who voted him into office !. But that shouldn’t be a surprise, just look at the Democratic Senator they voted in also, and how about the head of their Democrat Party and the Mayor of Salt Lake City ?. We think it’s something in their water !!!!

  6. We must remember that our Founders in their infinite wisdom wrote the second amendment, specifically to protect “The people against the TYRANNY or The “unjust use of absolute Govermental Power” . As the pendulum swings, the people must rise up and stop this overreach by the only force afforded them. Even if at the start it’s only 3%.

  7. I’m originally from Florida, and I’ve never cared for Rick Scott or “little” Marco. The problem with Florida it is not Florida any longer. Too many northerners, Islanders, Cubans, and a potpourri of others, not Florida born. Like California, it was once a great state.

  8. Funny as these 4 seem to know the Devilrat way, thinking they govern the people like a slave owner would rather than The Constutional way America was founded on. More and more socialists seem to be slipping in gov for POWER OVER THE PEOPLE. This is the Socialist way,take our guns our freedoms and then watch the country crumble into a nothing so 5hey can have complete power over us in all we can do,say or think. This is not the American way! But they push FREE the magic word our today’s youth,those refusing to be self sustaining,lazy and sadly our older people. It cannot last asjust look at Venezuela it’s now crumbling as well.

  9. If it takes the judicious application of the rights supposedly secured by the 2nd Amendment to protect those rights…. so be it!! As Churchill said “It is better to perish than to live as slaves”. This is especially true if you get to assist some of the would-be slavemasters to perish with you. Semper Fi!!

  10. Words cannot fix what is wrong. The army of Liberal college professors is brainwashing the young, easily impressed
    students. That is helping to grow the Libertard base.
    It’s too bad that a common-sense pill isn’t available.
    There is the thought thar “Liberalism” is actjally a MENTAL DISEASE.
    I believe it.

  11. Florida once took up arms against the U.S.A.. Just saying ? this is not the 1st time the country has been split. Remember Pres Lincoln now Pres. Trump. Very similar treatment . Anybody but Lincoln, anybody Trump !!! Read,Read, read your HISTORY. Foreign country’s are our enemy’s not each other. WAKE-UP .

  12. I am a Republican , the only one in my family
    I happen to agree with Scott and Mast.
    What they agree on is you do not need a 30 round magazine or a bump stock to hunt deer or Rabbits.
    If your child wants a AR15 or M16 You can buy it for them and supervise them.or at least give them your permission. The formention weapons are no longer considered military guns . They are hunting guns.
    Self Defence with one of these in your house is nuts, that is what they make small cal.pistols for and short shot guns.
    I am a Vietnam Combat vet ,been there and done that guy.
    Don’t believe all you read or see on the internet.
    These two guys Mast And Scott are looking out for you and your family
    God bless America

  13. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in our great country. The statement about not needing a 30 round magazine or a bump fire stock to hunt deer or rabbits is absolutely correct. But I do more with my rifle than just hunt. I happen to like to target practice, do sport shooting, unload a 30 round magazine using a bump fire stock because it is super fun to me. You may like to play golf but you can take a golf club and beat someone’s brains out with it. Should we outlaw golf clubs for that reason? You can drive an automobile into a crowd of people and kill several at one time. Should your license be revoked and auto taken away because you went to your doctor because you were stressed out or depressed? If someone is diagnosed with a mental defect I’m all for having that put into their NICS background check. Because you are a combat veteran should your gun rights be stripped from you because you MIGHT have PTSD? The laws they are trying to get passed are way, way too broad and general. If I saw you acting funny one day and didn’t know why, I call the law and get you put on the red flag list so they will come and take your guns away from you. Way too broad and general. I grew up with guns and shooting my whole life. The key to gun safety is training your kids from the time they can understand what you are telling them. I’ve had a rifle ever since I was big enough to hold it up. My daddy (WWII veteran) taught me and my brother from the age of understanding that guns are NOT toys or to be PLAYED with. ALWAYS treat them as if they are loaded. NEVER point a gun at or toward anyone period. NEVER shoot in the direction of a house. NEVER bring a loaded gun into the house. When you are carrying your gun while hunting ALWAYS keep it pointed in a safe direction, either at the ground or straight up if you have a sling with it on your shoulder. ALWAYS keep the safety on or the hammer down until you are ready to fire it. ALWAYS be sure of what is beyond your intended target AND what your intended target actually is. He hammered that into our heads constantly until he knew we were ready to be turned loose with a firearm. The gun rules were automatic with us after that. Now days a lot of people just buy their kids a gun and turn them loose with it without ever being taught anything about gun safety. Probably because they were never taught gun safety in their youth. If you have or are going to have guns in your house, kids must be taught gun safety ASAP with severe consequences if they don’t adhere to the rules.

  14. Imagine that, all four are phony, all four are Floridians. Florida, you are being sold down the river by closet DEMONCRATS.

  15. All of you should take a few minutes to read the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 and you will realize these politicians are the same on both sides of the isles. The game is and has always been fixed….


  17. I’m not sure these “Reg Flag States” issues are all bad. Do you really think,
    it’s a good idea to let the mentally ill purchase or have firearms. How about the youth. Under 21. If you’re going to buy a firearm for your kid you better Goddamn we’ll educate them on Col Coopers 4 rules. As well as the responsibly of owning a gun. My son is 20, has, several firearms and is responsible for them.
    Again, sound, reasonable, enforcible gun laws, on the national level are what’s needed. Just like any other issue people will have their passions and opinions.
    Do not thwart personal liberties to push your personal ideals. Keep it simple and leave the Bill of Rights alone because they work. Thanks for the read.

  18. There is no CONTROVERSY, it’s about control. The so called leaders who originally represented the will and decisions of the people no longer do. It’s all about there own self interests. The government fears the 2nd Amendment. It’s in black and white. We have the right to bear arms, giving us the right and ability to protect ourselves from foreign and DOMESTIC oppression. Everything these days is centered around taking your 2nd Amendments and right to vote away. The government is great at getting the lazy sheep to follow them by distorting your views. It’s not the question if, but WHEN, will the second American war of Independence will be fought. How quickly we as a people have forgotten. But it’s not a subject that’s really taught in school any more. There to worried about teaching the immigrants about there country of origins heritage. And have removed everything that might be considered offensive. Bulshit, you came here because you wanted what we have, you want the documents that say your an AMERICAN, then embrace the flag and our ways. DEFEND them with your entire heart and soul.

  19. Joe I agree with you.But these idiots monitor e-mails such as ours thinking we are a threat to violence which is not true.We must defend our constitutional rights or become slaves.We are already slaves to the government.We have to and we must assemble.That is also a right.Unlike the government we can do that in a nonviolent way.Thank God we have our guns to slow their violence.All they know is take take take.Their act of giving is to control.Someone needs to call muster of all gun owners that believe we need to show strength.The government calls all wars they start humanitarian need.If their right to use guns are humanitarian,why do we not have the same right?

  20. Just another example of RINO’s deciding which of the bill of rights is applicable, and which way the political wind is blowing.

  21. There is ‘no compromise’ for gun-grabbers; thus we, as Americans, will offer no compromise either.

  22. I never trusted or for that matter liked
    RUBIO, He’s a R I N O, he don’t like the President, I will not ever trust him,,, & another thing, in my state, of you have a concealed carry permit, you never go see a so called mental health advisor, or doctor, your permit would be canceled immediately, & probably lose your guns also…WORD…!

  23. How did these scum bags even get elected? Probably lied through their teeth about how they were pro-2cd Amendment!!

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