ATF Document Dump Cranks Vegas Shooting Weirdness up to an 11

It’s been more than a year now since Stephen Paddock allegedly opened fire on concert-goers in Las Vegas from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. We say “allegedly” because the only the information we know for certain about Paddock is that he was found dead in a hotel room with a bunch of guns and ammo.

The FBI, the Vegas PD and the ATF have never provided conclusive evidence that Paddock fired any of the weapons in the room, including the handgun that killed him. When SWAT officers arrived on the 32nd floor of the hotel, there was no gunfire coming from Paddock’s room. SWAT spent several minutes dealing with a possible IED in the hallway before breaching the room, where they found Paddock dead on the floor.

Our intent is not to promulgate conspiracy theories about the shooting. It is simply a FACT that Paddock was found dead in the room, no one saw him fire a single shot, and no published reports on the autopsy have indicated whether Paddock even had gunpowder on him. You’d think he’d have been covered with it after firing hundreds, possibly thousands, of rounds. On top of this, the “official” story is that Paddock’s motive for the shooting is unknown.

Also, please don’t read this as a possible defense or apologetic for Stephen Paddock. This case is incredibly important because the Trump administration is very close to banning “bump stock” devices for semiautomatic rifles based on this case – and we do not even know if the Las Vegas shooter used a rifle with a bump stock attached to it!

The ATF, which is close to banning bump stocks, has released hundreds and hundreds of pages of documents related to the shooting, thanks to FOIA requests. Credit where credit is due, the ATF has been very forthcoming on the case – unlike the FBI, which has pulled its usual, “Derp! We don’t gots no records of that there shootin’.”

But the ATF’s latest document dump, released in July, raises a whole host of new questions about this bizarre shooting. Buried several hundred pages into the release, this astonishing statement appears in the official ATF report on the rifles recovered in the room:

“There are no external visual indications (i.e. automatic sear pin hole) that the weapons have been converted into machineguns. However, on-scene ATF personnel were not allowed to physically examine the interior of the weapons for machinegun fire-control components or known machinegun conversion devices such as Drop-In Auto Sears, Lightning Links, etc.”

What?! ATF personnel were not allowed to examine the interior of the weapons? Not allowed by who?

Examining the interior of the guns would provide two key pieces of information: Whether the guns had illegally been converted for automatic fire (making the entire bump stock argument null and void) and whether the guns had recently been fired (there would have been heavy gun powder residue, no?).

That’s not the only anomaly we picked up on in this *ugh* 728-page release. According to all published media reports on the incident, there were 23 firearms recovered in the hotel room, including 13 AR-15 type rifles with bump stocks attached to them.

The ATF report lists the following weapons recovered in Paddock’s hotel room:

  • 6 AR-15 type rifles with bump stocks, all chambered in .223 or 5.56
  • 1 bolt action hunting rifle
  • 1 Daniel Defense DD5 rifle, chambered in 7.62×51, with no bump stock attachment

That’s eight rifles, so… where are the other 15 firearms? Seven of the unaccounted-for rifles were AR-15s with bump stocks, according to published reports. A handgun was found next to Paddock’s body, so that still leaves a total of seven firearms of some sort in the room that we have no details on.

If ATF agents did not examine the interiors of the rifles, how can they possibly be demanding to ban bump stocks? Was the AK variant in 7.62 converted to fully automatic, and was that rifle used in the shooting? Were any of the seven firearms we’ve been told nothing about used in the shooting? Were any of those rifles converted into machine guns?

We don’t know the answers to any of these questions. Apparently, the ATF doesn’t know either, because it wasn’t allowed to examine the firearms involved in the shooting!

Yes, bump stocks make semiautomatic rifles fire really fast, much like a machine gun. But this attachment was originally designed so that people with low mobility in their hands – disabled people and folks with arthritis – could fire a semiauto. If the federal government is going to ban bump stocks based on the Las Vegas shooting, we deserve straight, honest answers to all of these questions. If they can’t answer these questions, we’re just being fed another line of bull.

~ American Gun News

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31 Responses

  1. What else is new? Just another government cover up. We have violent protests that aren’t considered mobs and legislators who don’t believe in due process.

    1. So 22,000 people were crammed into that space. I say most were killed and wounded by the stampede.

  2. If we banned everything that lunatics used for evil, we would have NOTHING left!

  3. While I am no conspiracy person I have real questions about what happened that day. I think the truth is being covered up for some reason.
    I would really like to see the gunshot residue report on the body found , also how many spent cases were recovered from the scene.

  4. This document simply raises more questions such as.

    1) Since the evidence must be properly examined to even prove who committed the crime did they even fingerprint them much less do any other forensic tests to prove the deceased was in fact the one who fired them? (this simple test would have derailed a lot of the conspiracy theories or proven them correct)

    2) Who has the authority to PREVENT the ones who are supposed to be in charge of investigating the crime and analyzing the evidence from actually doing their job and analyzing the actual evidence? (To my knowledge they are required by law to prove the bump stocks were used rather than already banned conversions not just put the blame on the inanimate object because it was there)

    3) Why focus on ONE ITEM that might have been used in the crime rather than the PERSON who committed the crime they act as if such items CAUSED the crime despite the number of them that exist that have NEVER been used in one?

    (its like when they tried to blame a video game no longer sold at the time that when it did sold over seven million legal copies decades before the crime for the actions of ONE SET OF CRIMINALS who committed a crime simply because they used it as a screen saver in the background in the video they made of their ANTI CHRISTIAN rant about some girl whose moral values they were upset with and how they were going to show her and her friends what they thought about them)

    There are a lot more questions for instance why when a story broke after the autopsy saying the time of death messed up the official timeline of events did the mainstream media suddenly drop the story etc.

    Their poor handling of this investigation, refusal to look at and examine key evidence, and a mysterious person able to order them NOT TO ANALYZE the key evidence just gives more power to those spinning conspiracy theories.

  5. All the shots were not from the angle of the hotel floor. ALL THE ENTRY and EXIT WOUNDS were from ground level. The autopsy photos were all classified top secret and can not be viewed.MANY HAVE SAW THEM. The sheriff was taken off the case for 3 days that you did not see him. He could not handle what was going on. They got to him and he was back speaking in 3 days. this was pure anti gun related on a global scale of evil. Part of the long range gun grab. they will stop at nothing until they can create reasoning to take the guns. globalism can not take control with all the American guns. This tragedy is a world level horror of acceptance to the grouping that caused this. It can not stay under wraps forever.

      1. Reece, you can not have references speak to this with documentation. that is a death warrant. ALL ARE INFORMED of this and have families to worry about. they will never risk it. the intelligence services are sick over this one. you can not escape the technology so a denial is sufficient. the American people are being conditioned to shock and frankly do not care. it is all just about them.

  6. Even if the BATFE released any kind of report/findings what makes anyone think we can believe them? That goes for any government alphabet agency and the media for that matter. I don’t understand why anyone believes anything they tell us any more. They tell us what they want us to believe. What they want us to hear. What they want us to know.

    1. You are absolutely correct. I DO NOT trust my government anymore. As for the post above that ask for a link,,,why would anyone trust a link? You don’t know the person/group that originated the link.

  7. For a number of reasons, past performance standing high on a listing, I have never much cared for the ATF/BATFE regarding anything having to do with firearms. That said, these seemingly sudddn “document dumps” strike me as passing suspicious.

    1. Reece,you act as if you exactly the kind of person the Government,not just Democrats or Republicans but “BOTH” count on as the eviscerate the Constitution,the law,the system of “checks and balances” Everything millions and millions of “Legal” immigrants came here,worked for,fought for,died for for Opportunity,Freedom,Equality,all the things that governments,tyrants,dictators,those self empowered deities who in fact were the monsters,human monsters power drunk,dishonest,the worst of humanity and all of these supposed “saviors” in fact have destroyed any truth we have been taught. Can anyone get elected without making”deals”,lying,raising obscene amounts of money and when did any of these megalomaniacs EVER keep their vowa?

  8. DUH……don’t you get it YET?…..Governments LIE….Lying is nothing new to gov’ts. I remember reading that when the US GOV’T wanted to take over the land held by the Sioux Indians…they sent out a notice that the Sioux MUST report back to the reservations by January….NOW, if you know anything about the MID WEST ( ND….SD….MN)…..January is the MIDDLE of winter where temperatures are minus 20-30 degrees below zero. Snow is deep and may make travel impassible. The Sioux and other inhabitants for this area hunker down for the winter…you don’t travel any where. Spring arrives in March or April…with the first thaw. The US Gov’t made January a requirement..knowing that the Indians were NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. thus S THEY Sent the Army ( Gen Custer)…to make war against the Sioux… ” bring them to the reservation”…Our gov’t has lied about our entry into every war since the Indian wars…..The Spanish American war, WW1. WW2…..Viet Nam ( remember the Pentagon Papers?)…..We were lied too about weapons of Mass destruction in the Mid East…..we have spent TRILLIONS of dollars and many American loves in the Mid East….for What?…Protecting American interests?…Do we really give a nats ass if Mrs Muhammad has democracy?…No we are over there for OIL….plain and simple. I believe that the gov’t killed all those people in Las Vegas just to take away our gun ownership….Look at history…throwing away lives is nothing when the powers that be want to push an agenda….

    1. barbuto such nonsense. We were never in Iraq for oil. England and Japan obtained oil from Iraq. Our oil came from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela.

      1. I was about “control” of the oil fields, not getting the oil for the “U.S.” The same companies Saddam kicked out before the war, were awarded control after the war after a supposed non-biased bid. It was about the oil companies and it certainly had nothing to do with 911.

  9. There is so much information left out of this report and others that it can only be a conspiracy. The evidence of the bullets used that inflicted the wounds, the entry/exit wounds, the sound forensic evidence, the evidence of bullet marks throughout the venue, along with aforementioned things like gunshot residue, etc., all add up to an absolute conspiracy to cover the facts of the crime to all Americans. It would be easy enough to prove the location of the shooter from bullet marks, video, sound, but we have nothing but circumstantial reports. What is being hid and why will remain a question.

    If the supposed shooter was the shooter there would be no reason to hide the facts, but they remain hidden. If the 32nd floor was the true location of all the shots, then the facts would show that. All the facts would point to the truth. Because they don’t, they remain hidden along with the purpose, the true shooters, and so on.

  10. Re your I’m Not A Robot Bullshit, FUCKOFF, in plain, somewhat crude English

  11. This is like the Kennedy assasination we will never know the truth.

  12. One big question for me ,was the break in ,of the suspects home the following night . Why was that crime scene not guarded ? The biggest mass murder on American soil and someone is allowed to break in a crime scene ? Either they are the sloppiest law enforcement agency ever or there is corruption ? I’m guessing both .

  13. This entire shooting seemed handled like the JFK shooting a total cluster FXXX and full of misinformation and maybe outright deceit to outright hide the truth. I agree with most of what was said but I am confused on your AK variant statement. You did not list any AK rifle which is 7.62×39 caliber.

  14. Nothing mentioned about video released by a 36 year old showing more than one shooter dies of natural causes soon after or the couple who stated they heard shooting from more than one direction died in auto accident in Md. The immediate yelling by the demorats for gun control before the facts were out like they knew before any one knew what went on. Sounds very very suspicious to some one with common sense.

  15. The multiple eye witnesses that saw ground level active shooters silenced. The sound of a m240B crew served full automatic machine gun was piped over the sound system. I know the sound of it very well. I could hear belts being changed along with spare barrels being swapped out. The hundreds of officers policing ammo over the entire venue is another red flag

  16. How can you have 700+ pages of documentation with zero actual evidence regarding the crime? Proof of the crime is necessary, but assumption doesn’t cut it. I don’t believe a single round was fired from those two hotel windows.

  17. The government is total deep state and only fools can believe anything that they claim. I could remember Korea in the 50’s and Vietnam in the 60 ‘s what a waste and nobody is blamed for all useless killing. The American people are solely to blame for this nonsense in maintaining total DC corruption.

  18. It has already been proven the body in the room was not Stephen Paddock. So you don’t even have that as a fact.

  19. I wouldn’t put anything past the power hungry democrats. Bill Clinton started that conflict in Somalia to try and get the attention shifted off of him and Hillary’s dirty dealings that were being exposed. Shumer says Trump is having a tantrum about the border wall. Trump and most republicans want our southern border secured and the democrats and some republicans don’t. Trump wants to put our country first for a great change and the democrats don’t. Trump has had to fight them every step of the way since he was sworn into office. They don’t like him because he don’t want to play politics with them. Come next election, everyone that wants a more secure country, better economic country, and a country that puts our citizens first better vote republican. If you want open borders that anyone can come across including good people, along with terrorists, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, thieves and illegals that we are having to fully support with our tax dollars before our own citizens in need can get, if they get it at all, the help they need, then vote democrat. If you don’t believe this just watch and listen to what the democrats say and you can see for yourself.

  20. One of the most glaring omissions from the ATF reports is the ballistic evidence. During the first two days after the incident, the police announced they would make public a full report linking recovered bullets to Paddock’s guns. To my knowledge, no such report has been published. If ANY of the recovered bullets came from gun(s) other than Paddock’s, that would be conclusive proof of a conspiracy of multiple persons! Where’s the report?

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