City Demands Gun Shops Install Surveillance Cameras, Turn over Footage

Every day liberals concoct new schemes to tighten the government’s control over the rest of us. Since they are against owning guns, they need to hide behind tyrannical uses of police force to try and constrict the freedoms protected by conservatives across the country. They think they can do this without notice, but we catch them every time.

In this instance, a local government is taking broad steps towards an Orwellian society. If you think it can’t happen in America, keep reading. This is a new law that is already in effect.

Saginaw, Michigan

The city has made headlines by instituting a new ordinance. According to the new rules, certain businesses will be compelled to have at least three separate security cameras and an approved lighting system by March 1, 2019. The cameras will need to take photos of the faces of every customer who enters or exits the store. The third camera will catch the face of everyone who approaches a cash register or checkout. If it seems at least odd, if not outright unlawful, for a city to place this burden on a business, just wait.

For businesses to be in compliance with the new rule, their premises will need a police inspection. Upon inspection, the cameras, recording system and lighting system will all be certified. Failure to receive such a certification will be deemed a civil infraction and will include financial penalties. Potentially, a business could have their right to operate revoked.

You still aren’t upset? Try this. Only select businesses are charged with the new security measures. The list of obligated merchants is not based on location, existing security or any measurable threat of crime. Instead, it’s based solely on the type of business. At the top of the list, gun sellers are marked. Other types of stores that will be subject to these discriminatory stores include second-hand merchants, pawn brokers and pool halls. Noticeably absent from the list are liquor stores, bars and drug dispensaries.

Violating Freedom

Many proponents of the new ordinance point out that the cities demands are not entirely different from those of many insurance companies. That misses a huge point. If a business can’t afford surveillance equipment to satisfy an insurance policy, they can change policies or companies. If they can’t comply with the city ordinance, they can be shut down at gunpoint. This is the primary reason free-market economics aren’t subjected to the same limitations as government. Business owners and operators in Saginaw can’t simply work under a new government.

For starters, this is an obvious case of government overreach. Surveillance equipment isn’t cheap, and this could prove cost-prohibitive to many business owners. Piling onto that is the fact that maintaining these systems will change the bottom line for stores involved. Data isn’t free all. Of course, that’s exactly the point. If the city can make running a gun store too expensive, they can indirectly attack the 2nd Amendment. It isn’t a final solution to those pesky gun owners, but it’s clearly a first step to disarming the population.

The violation of freedom extends far beyond placing undue financial burdens on local businesses. It also threatens the privacy of every citizen in the city. The ordinance doesn’t just require that every shopper have their face recorded. It also gives unrestricted access to the police. There is no question that this is a way to monitor spending and purchasing in the community. It can easily be pushed a step further to create a local database of gun owners — something that is completely against federal regulation and a violation of the 2nd Amendment.

You can’t rest for even a second. Liberals have no respect for the Constitution or the values of freedom. The Marxist utopia they pursue can’t function in a population that is full of self-thinking, self-respecting individuals. They’ve long understood that disarming Americans is paramount to moving towards true socialism, and they’ve never stopped their ravenous attacks on liberty. They are downright insidious, and they seem truly tireless in their efforts. No matter how many times we and the law strike them down, they come after our guns again. Never relax your vigilance. They day you do is the day we lose this fight for good.

~ American Gun News

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23 Responses

  1. This information needs to get into the hands of Constitutionally correct entities to take this down before it gets any ground. Hopefully this is now in the hands of the NRA, USCCA, and other civil rights defense organizations. It IS TIME to take liberal policies and reveal them as the socialist plot they are. THis is our country, if you don’t like the constitution, then this isn’t the place for you to live. I am not currently a gun owner, but I live in Michigan. How dare you take this step against our constitution. I vow to fight against the election, or re-election of any person running for any office that would support subverting the constitution. PERIOD!

  2. Even if the store can afford the added expense now, they will soon be out of business because even legitimate purchasers will not tolerate the invasion of privacy and will go elsewhere to buy. The store looses income and goes out of business.
    The grabbers win either way.

  3. This the norm whenever you go into a gun shop in the southwest part of the U.S.A.. I’ve shopped in gun stores in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Businesses have a right to use cameras for security reasons and to watch over employees and protect their inventory. Get over it. Big Brother is watching and cameras are just a part of everyday normal life.

    1. True, BUT… Most of those are put in by the owner for their protection, NOT mandated by the state, nor is data given except limited to robbery / break in.

  4. This is scary stuff. I can’t believe that the great U.S.A. has come to this. The supreme law of the land is being violated everyday by our present police state and our out of touch politicians. Don’t know where this is all going to end, but I fear that something wicked this way comes. True patriots please stay strong.

  5. The voters in Miciganistan aren’t known to be the brightest.

  6. They should do what the gun Shops in Seattle, Washington did move out. the City.

  7. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET when DEMOCRATS GET CONTROL. the constitution means nothing, it’s not gun control it is complete dictatorship of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. WITH the DEMOCRATS IT IS THEIR RULE, they can get rid you!!
    IT’S has always been their way they have always as the socialists ,communists party of AMERICA.
    Unless they are stopped we will have a free AMERICA , just a slave STATE…..JUST look at Chicago, or any DEM. RUN STATE you have NO RIGHTS NOW and they are broke and there cities are people moving out of STATE.
    America MEANS nothing to DEMOCRATS except to get rich make their on rules!!!

  8. As if bad guys always buy guns from licensed FFL dealers. Very few firearms involved in crimes are purchased legally. Most are stolen and/or purchased in the black market.
    Welcome to Commienation!

  9. Store owners should fight this in court!! Insane!!

  10. My pic is on my DL, Mil ID, Costco card, VA card, Sam’s card, old work badges, and other places of interest. Not a problem for the innocent, and bad news for the perps. We are safer from perps as they have violated the 2nd A by not defending the US , its citizens and neighbors . . .but have launched aggression against the Constitution with their evil. MAGA . . .Semper Fi . . .!

  11. I understand in different states that this is normal. But I’m near Chicago aka Chi-raq. I can take anyone to certain neighborhoods in the Chicago and show them where they can get an untraceable gun in minutes. You got cash and you get a heater. No waiting period necessary. Many many homes have more hardware than a well stocked gun store if you know where to go.

  12. I am at a loss on words for this intrusion. I guess shove it will have to do.

  13. So they think taking a photo of a firearms buyer will prevent violent crime? Are they insane? Obviously they have not seen today’s blurred surveillance photos and videos recently; the images are so poor that a mother could not ID her own child in them. It escapes me how they can be so poor, when remotely-activated game animal photos and National Geographic’s (NG) Planet II videos are so sharp. How does NG take a video of a snow leopard from 1,000 meters away and the image be so sharp and clear that you can count the whiskers, but a video of a bank robber taken from 10 feet away is worthless? Taking a photo of a firearms buyer is nothing more than a form of firearms registration and is further intended to drive shop owners out of business. When firearms are no longer available to law-abiding citizens, we will be prey at the mercy of criminals who care not for law. Put teeth into the law, such as, make committing a felony with a firearm a capital offense. Say all you will, but the death penalty deters violent crime.

  14. Are any Lawyers out there taking on cases like this? If not, why?

  15. I would have to think a legal challenge is in order. On the other hand, small towns can get away with almost any goofy idea under the guise of an ‘ordinance’.

  16. Well all the gun shops and pawn shops have all moved outside the city limits because of rules and regs. and also taxes but are close enough to town to not be to far out of the way

  17. This gun debate, twiitter and facebook rants, Far left, vs far right, N. Korea, Isis, Putin, and such are all just a distraction to keep us from seeing the real goal of Govt,, which is a one world govt, and one world religion, The Catholic Jesuits, the Free Mason’s are in control of this world, and any leader who does not comply with their agenda will be removed from office.. See, JFK, Lincoln, and other former killed Presidents, and other world leaders who were removed from their positions, like two recent Popes, one resigned, one assassinated etc.. The bible tells us that the beast,(The Vatican/Catholic Papacy), wants to again rule the world with it’s religious laws, and the 2nd beast, (America), will make an image to the beast by passing a Sunday law forcing every person on the Earth to Worship on Sunday.. This will be an Abomination to God the Creator who says to Worship God the Creator on His holy Sabbath, the 7th day, Saturday.. Persecution will be poured out on those who keep God’s Sabbath, and refuse to take the Mark of the beast, (Sunday Worship).. No buying or selling, work camp, prison, dungeon, Fema camp, beheading, etc.. America has 600+ Fema concentration camps, a hundred thousand or more portable guillotines, and a million large plastic coffins that will hold 5 bodies each.. Now Why does America need these? For Isis, illegals? No! They are so a religious/political world govt. can repeat the Dark Ages, giving Rome her power back to persecute once again.. For 500 years there was a protest by protestant churches against the Catholic church, but Rome never changes, and only the Protestants have changed, by giving up the protest that the Reformers started, and died for hundreds of years ago. Now the world will all become Catholic again, except for those who keep the 4th commandment of 7th day Sabbath Worship.. Daniel 7 describes the beast/antichrist, which is the Roman Papacy, and Rev. 13 describes this same beast, and also describes the 2nd beast, America.. Rev. 14 tells us Not to worship the beast, (Rome), and His image,(America), or receive his Mark, (Forced Sunday Worship), he will receive the wrath of God, (7 last plagues), and burn up in the lake of fire, which is eternal death, never to exist anymore, while also having the angels and the saved in the city of the new Jerusalem, watching their destruction.. Then God makes a new heavens and a new Earth without sin, sorrow, disease, pain, or death, that will last for eternity.. You will have two choices, and God says, you are either with me, or you are against me, for there is No middle ground..

  18. I would not shop in a store with this kind of invasion of privacy. I guess that they don’t want to encourage customers to even come in and even browse around, without feeling like a criminal getting his mug-shot.

  19. i am a proud democrat, bet this is clearly a violation of ones privicy rights as well as well as an unneeded and unnecessary burden on legitimate business owners!!


  21. Tell the city counsel to put cameras in their chambers so We the People can keep an eye on them and when they don’t work they don’t get paid. Also if they break the law they will get their day in court. That alone will save a hell of alot of money

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