The NRA Boycott is Already Backfiring

That Delta Airlines protest against the NRA certainly went well! There are some great lessons for conservative business owners in the debacle that just took place: When a Twitter rage mob makes your Board of Directors dance like a monkey and insult millions of law-abiding, gun-owning Americans, perhaps you should not listen to the Twitter rage mob. The backlash against Delta was a beautiful thing to watch and showed all of us that if you push back against these gun-grabbing wusses, they will back down.

To recap, one insane person shot up a school in Florida, even though it was illegal for that insane person to purchase a firearm under 18 USC 922 (d)(4). As a result, Delta Airlines, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and other companies decided to listen to the usual gang of gun-grabbers and insult the millions of law-abiding people who did not shoot up a school in Florida. Delta and Enterprise both canceled their NRA discount programs while demanding that Congress ban the most popular sport rifle in America, the AR-15.

Hundreds of Americans contacted Delta to inform them that they would never fly on that airline again — and they would never again use Delta for their business travel purposes, either. Then, Republicans in Georgia killed a bill that would have given Delta Airlines roughly $40 million in tax breaks in that state. That move broke Delta’s back and their CEO suddenly began tweeting that Delta supports the Second Amendment. Their big NRA boycott lasted the better part of a day.

Here’s the really funny part of the debacle: Delta Airlines has only granted the NRA discount to 13 people in Georgia in recent weeks, according to Business Insider. Delta’s stand against the civil rights of millions of Americans would have cost them $3 million per passenger if they continued to posture for the Twitter rage mobs. Beautiful! Enterprise and United Airlines are facing similar backlash, so expect them to cave soon as well. Once again, all it takes is standing up to these people.

We must never fall for the fake outrage of people who want to abolish the Second Amendment. They will wring their hands after every mass shooting and demand that we “start a dialogue” on guns and tell us they just want a “sensible” gun control bill and that it is “for the children.” It’s all a lie.

The left will never, ever stop in its march to control all of the firearms so that they can line all of us who disagree with them up in front of a ditch. Guess what happens next after we surrender our firearms to them?

Our side of the Second Amendment civil rights debate keeps giving up concessions to the gun grabbers. What have we ever received in return? What did “dialoguing” with the left gain us in the National Firearms Act of 1934, the Federal Firearms Act of 1936, the Gun Control Act of 1968 or the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986?

We have allowed so many state-level violations of the Second Amendment that we now effectively have 50 separate versions of this civil right. Why do we put up with this? Would anyone stand for it if we had 50 different versions of the First Amendment? “Sorry, bub, you’re in Iowa now and you’re under arrest for your negative comments about ethanol!”

If anything, it is time that lawful gun owners start getting something back from all of the “dialogues” that the left wants to have with us. How about national concealed-carry reciprocity? Wouldn’t it be nice if a housewife with an unloaded pistol locked in the trunk of her car, who has a permit for it, doesn’t have to go to prison just because she took a wrong turn and ended up in New Jersey?

Here’s another idea: Congress should make it illegal for any company that redefines its corporate policy in order to restrain, curtail or attack the constitutional rights of Americans. That would be a two-for-one law! Companies would think twice before boycotting the NRA, while tech companies would face legal penalties for censoring gun owners on social media.

The state GOP lawmakers in Georgia just gave us the perfect template to have a “dialogue” with any company that decides it wants to break the social contract of free enterprise by getting political: “Oh, you want a dialogue on gun rights? Fine. Your tax breaks are GONE. Now it’s your turn to talk!”

~ American Gun News

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17 Responses


  2. The Democrats do not know how to have a dialog because they think they are right without looking at tall the facts and look at past history what has gun control done for Chicago, Washington D.C. and other states. They preach tolerance but do not practice it look at Palosi and Schumer they say one thing and do another.

  3. I hope that these companies fall down then the anti-gun crowd will have to answer for the job losses. You see, it’s not just the NRA, which consists of roughly 5 million members, the other side forgot about the other 145 million gun owners that are NOT NRA members who agree with the actions of the NRA and are also actively boycotting these companies. 150 million gun owners have a HUGE stake in the 2nd amendment and can put a financial hurt on these companies in a hurry.

  4. Every mass shooting is organized and carried out by democrat or and funded by democrats. Shooters always pick soft targets by that I mean gun-free zones to be direct and specific. Not law abiding respectful responsible gun owners. That is the facts.

  5. I haven’t used delta in over a near decade, the rudest and dirtiest airline I’ve ever used and burned me twice with cancellations I learned about at check in. United and Enterprise though, I use quite frequently, uh make that used. NEVER again and no stupid fake apology will change that.
    Anyone else?

  6. Wal—– what ??? The democrats are following the outline of the Nazi party in the 1930’s. How to do and influence the public with propaganda. The whole idea is selling warped message. Hitler and Geobles were masters of the big lie. The democrats are too.

  7. Before the blood suckers grab the law abiding NRA people they should seek out the criminals who do every day shootings around the country ! Also, if the police can respond to an assault or B&E on residences within 10 seconds – then maybe we all can consider giving up our weapons

  8. Liberals always call for boycott’s but they don’t work. The reason they don’t work is because they live the liberal attitude. I don’t need to do it. someone will. Just like I don’t need to work someone else will do the work.
    When Republicans call for a boycott. They mean it and they do it! look at Macy’s, J.C. Penny’s, The NFL, and Target, along with others.

    1. YOU are correct, MARK. I have RED LINED those you mentioned ,PLUS several other GUN HATING outfits.

  9. What people need to understand is that if we start with the taking of all guns in America from those of us who do not commit any crimes and we are a “gun free” America. Then we allow anyone into the country with our new “open borders policy” and give them money for their needs as they are unemployed, and now qualify for medicare and or housing – as in California. Where they are allow to get drivers licenses and now go to the ballot boxes to vote, and with no reciprocity they can come and go as they warrant then where is this country in 30 years? Where are we when voting takes on a disturbing direction from illegals coming into America just to vote as they so please and then leaving. Where does our rights disappear next? With not having any guns for protection and taxes so depressing to maintain these illegals that we can’t afford the costs needed to support the law abiding citizen – then we must ask when will our country be lost forever, as it is no longer as it was 30 years back. What are we leaving for our grandchildren and great grandchildren ? Its not about the gun because we know when left alone it will never shoot a soul. But we exploit children with video games allowing them at 5-6 to start shooting police – or stealing cars – or fighting and killing aliens. We have taken over their rights to self defense. Because someone called your child a name, the marketing of the national obsession with social media content is disturbing to these children who kill them selves and or others. We need to place age limits and restrictions on the availability of children to use these outlets. Make them children again not young adults in need of MORE STUFF.
    We need parents to parent not relinquish that responsibility to “other” allowing them to persuade our children into thinking that being a “different species of human” is a correct thing to do. Stop the insanity now! And you do that with fighting for us to keep the 2nd Amendment the right to bear arms. Its for the future of America we bear arms to ensure that the American dream can stay alive and we have hope for Americas future based on this amendment alone, stand and fight for which is ours.

  10. Delta makes it easy now i will never fly with them again jet blue is my airline.

  11. A “Dialog” is, by definition, a two way street. What the Gun Grabbers want is a “Monologue”

  12. What has to be realized is gun control laws are not and never have been about protecting the public. They are and always have been about protecting political power. The first serious gun control laws appeared soon after the Civil War as part of the Jim Crow Laws designed to protect entrenched Southern Demorat politicians from potential political power of recently freed slaves. Since that time they have been used to marginalize one segment of society or another. Now that the radical left, which controls the Demorat Party, academia, the media, and the bureaucracy is so close to their intended goal of a permanent single party government ruled by a select elite the need is ever greater to marginalize the entire population by disarming it, thereby making it easier to control. That IS and always has been the reason for gun control. They know gun control doesn’t work, they don’t care. Two things to think about: If one constitutionally protected liberty can be legislated away or otherwise tossed aside, so can and so WILL all others, and it won’t take long! The other is this. Take away the right of the citizens to have arms, only criminals, terrorists, and the GOVERNMENT will be armed. That should make anyone with a brain shudder. The federal government has grown so beyond its constitutional mandate it has one purpose and one purpose only. That is to perpetuate itself. The well being of the people doesn’t come in an even close second.

  13. HOw many gun shows have had mass shootings??? how many gun stores have had mass shootings??? I mean with all those evil guns just lying there ready to kill, you’d think bodies would be all over the place. How many “gun free zones” have had mass shootings???? and the count begins. Guns don’t kill children liberal dem do!!!! If liberal dem and all of these so called “concerned” children are concerned about “protecting children” where is the outrage over abortion???? Abortion kills more “children” in one day the all of the mass shooting combined in the US yet no outrage by liberals, DEm,. No this is just an agenda to “disarm US citizens” using the Nazi tactics from the 30’s, setting up and blaming someone to get voters on board with their agenda, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

  14. These liberal news stations refer to “The NRA” and discuss “fighting the NRA” and how “powerful the gun lobby” is but they act like the NRA is just a “few guys who can push politicians around” but they don’t realize that the NRA IS powerful because they have hundreds of thousands of AMERCANS who are NRA Members and THAT’S why these politicians listen to them, they know that those NRA members are also voters so crapping on the NRA is crapping on hundreds of thousands of voters and that would be tantamount to political suicide. You liberal idiots, keep trying to crap on the Constitution and treat it like it’s just a “convenience” that you can change whatever doesn’t suit YOU and then use it when it does suit you, like the whole immigration thing. You bunch of hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick to death of this crap. Leave my rights the hell alone. I fought for this country, I’m a law abiding citizen, my AR-15’s ARE NOT MILITARY WEAPONS no matter what the idiots at CNN tell you. The ONLY thing “military” about them is the appearance, PERIOD. They ARE good for hunting and great for league tournaments and mine and thousands of other ones that are ALREADY out there have never killed a human and most never will. The ones that do are in the hands of people who will kill no matter what they have, stop blaming the gun, go some research, learn the differences between legal firearms and the “military weapons” that ARE ILLEGAL!!!!!!

  15. What far to many of these business do not understand is that the LIE about the NRA being some small group just trying to get rich off of gun sales is exactly that a lie. In reality it is an organization created by people to defend their constitutional right started back when the government first started trying to follow the likes of hitler in prohibiting that right to anyone not a member or direct supporter of them.

    It is now comprised of millions of US CITIZENS. So when they spout HITLER like comments about what they want to do to NRA members for nothing more than stopping an agenda that has led to government conducted mass murders they are talking about killing more US CITIZENS than the number of Jews Hitler killed and over nothing more than owning an INANIMATE TOOL they use to protect themselves, their families, and this nation from tyranny if need be.

    There are over 100 million gun owners in this nation and there have been less than 50 mass shootings in the past decade all of which could have been stopped if EXISTING laws had been followed instead of ignoring the evidence to be PC about the age or POLITICAL beliefs of the person(s) involved. It was an Obama era dictate that kept the mental condition of the shooter in Florida off his record thus allowing him to pass the background check, It was police worried about LAWSUITS that waited for swat to arrive and make a SUE PROOF plan that allowed the shooter to finish and leave the school, it was the ones in charge of swat that PUNISHED two swat officers for rushing there and trying to stop the crime but arriving to late not because they did not get there in time but because they did not STAND DOWN and wait for a (sue proof) PLAN to be devised before taking action.

    Remember at columbine the ones in the library could have evacuated out the window but when they called out to the police if it was safe to do so they LIED and told them it was under control to WAIT there and they would get to them shortly they neglected to mention the “they” that they meant was the shooters not police as they had NOTHING under control as they had not even entered the building yet.

    Anyone who listened to the tape the criminals left heard clearly the entire mess was a combination of mind altering PRESCRIPTION drugs that state violence as a possible side effect (relying on the patient to report it to the doctor) mixed with their hatred of the CHRISTIAN reading group meeting in the library some girl was part of because she refused to do some IMMORAL act they demanded and felt she should have (most likely due to their SEX ED class spouting it as NORMAL activity) They blatantly said on the tape that they were going to show and that group what they thought about their “high morals”. The media GLOSSED over the words they said and tried to make it about some VIDEO GAME running as a screen saver on the video as if it was the cause if guns were not.

  16. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “Those who beat their swords into plowshares soon find themselves plowing for those who kept their swords.” The wisdom of the ages, and the reason for the Second Amendment.

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