Debunking the American Public Health Association’s Poll

What does the left love more, lying or gun control? It’s a difficult question to answer, but you can safely bet that anything combining the two is their real favorite. That brings us to a recent survey on gun control. Left-wing media is touting it as proof that Americans largely favor gun reform.

If you’ve seen the headlines, then you surely had your doubts. After all, how many people in your circle want more gun control?

So, what’s the catch? Sit tight. We’re going to review this survey and talk about general methodologies. You won’t be surprised to learn that it’s a big, steaming pile of bull from the left.

The Poll

To have a fair discussion, we’re going to start with what the poll says. You might not like it, but that doesn’t matter. This is the presentation. The survey was conducted by the American Public Health Association. According to their data, Americans widely support 23 out of 24 gun control policies that were presented. The average support was close to 80 percent. Additionally, support for gun control was not very different between gun owners and non-gun owners questioned.

Among the gun control measures conveyed in the survey, three were clearly the most popular. Most Americans want universal background checks. Additionally, they support measures to improve reporting on mental health issues that might cause someone to fail a background check. Lastly, they all supported harsher qualification guidelines for concealed carry permits. This is the survey that the Washington Post and other major new outlets have been reporting. Now, we can discuss why it’s all nonsense.

Problems with the Research

We’ll get into some of the stuff, such as how questions are worded, in a moment. Before that is even worth discussing, we have to talk about the researchers who presented this malarkey. While they claim the study was done through Johns Hopkins, that’s a bit of a stretch. The study was actually conducted through the Bloomberg School of Public Health. While this school is affiliated with Johns Hopkins, it has been entirely funded by Michael Bloomberg.

Additionally, he supplied all of the cash for this particular study. In no uncertain terms, this was a case of a New York billionaire bribing “researchers” to present “data” that could make his political point.

It is pure, unfiltered propaganda. That’s why it departs so far from what every other study has shown. The American people are not in favor of more gun control. It’s so unpopular that it tends to be political suicide. In fact, let’s get into that.

Problems with Gun Control Research at Large

This notion probably already popped into your head, but it’s important to make the statement. Gun control surveys largely reflect how the question is worded and not the popularity of the actual policy in question. Universal background checks are the best example. Time and again, researchers have shown that Americans tend to support “universal background checks,” but largely disagree with laws that “require FBI checks for private sales to family members.” In practice, these two things are the same. The framing of the question is the cause for the difference.

Of course, that leaves us wondering what Americans really want in the end. Thankfully, there’s an extremely reliable polling source that paints a good picture: actual voting ballots. At the local, state and federal levels, voters have consistently stricken down additional gun control. Even in the most progressive regions of the country, extremely mild gun control changes can barely pass with a 51-percent majority. More often than that, the measures fail. The notion that 80 percent of Americans favor any kind of gun control is an outright lie at best.

So, where do we go from here? The left knows that the majority of Americans don’t want more gun control. They also know that their politicians will all lose if they campaign on gun control or gun confiscation. So, they’ve divined that their best tactic is to convince you, the average American, that you are alone.

If everyone assumes that the masses want gun control, you might be willing to concede ground to prevent a worse loss. They do this on everything. It’s how they won the war on homosexual marriage. Don’t fall for their tricks anymore. If Americans wanted gun control, we would have passed it when Obama had both halves of Congress.

~ American Gun News

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10 Responses

  1. As a former NRA & National Shooting Sports Etc. instructor my pool of students came from sportsmen, their children and concealed & carry students. Not one accident or shooting incident was ever reported.. While I am perplexed, and shocked because of recent events truly these tragedies are laid to the feet of the politicians for failing to adequately keep our children safe. The solutions are readily available and simple in that they resist the necessity for adequate protection. For the NRA and firearm enthusiasts resources are there but they resist because of irrational indecisions and failure to protect those of us who believe, support, & accept the Second Amendment.

  2. I would rather have no gun control at all, and be able to protect my self, than gun control and have no defense against criminals who would have any wat!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly that most Americans favor stricter gun control when it comes to mental health issues, but not that most Americans favor the repeal of the 2nd Amendment, which gives us the right to bear arms. And as far as background checks, yes, they should include a person’s affiliations with private party memberships, especially those tied to terror groups and cartels, past criminal history, and reports of domestic violence. But for the average American man or woman who shows a clean background with no mental health issues or memberships to groups such as Antifa, or other groups with foreign or domestic terrorist ties, then by all means these people should be permitted to own and use guns for their protection and the protection of their property and loved ones. The Amendment was created to protect our citizens against tyranny and for preservation of our rights of liberty, freedom of religion and free speech. When an organization or group of people try to take away those freedoms, then we as free American citizens should be able to protect ourselves and our families.

  4. I clicked on the “Captcha” box and entered my comments. Hit enter to “send” them.
    Got thrown back here and ALL my comments deleted.

    Apparently “someone” did not like my comments that were Pro 2nd Ammendment.

  5. Newly Released Gov’t Study Shows Overwhelming Number of Shootings Are Defensive
    By Jack Davis
    April 22, 2018 at 2:23pm
    Share on Facebook Tweet Email Print
    When the Centers for Disease Control researched gun violence two decades ago, it found that firearms are used to protect citizens more than 2 million times per year, according to an expert criminologist.
    Gary Kleck of the Florida State University of Criminology and Criminal Justice recently reported on a CDC study conducted between 1996 and 1998, the results of which were never publicly released.
    “CDC’s findings indicated that an average of 2.46 million U.S. adults used a gun for self-defense in each of the years from 1996 through 1998,” Kleck wrote in a summary of his research into what the CDC uncovered, but did not share with the American people.
    “CDC never reported the results of those surveys, does not report on their website any estimates of DGU frequency, and does not even acknowledge that they ever asked about the topic in any of their surveys,” Kleck wrote in his paper, according to Reason.
    Given the fact that gun ownership is often under reported, the actual number may be higher, Kleck said.
    He noted that the CDC itself found “guns were used defensively by victims about 3.6 times as often as they were used offensively by criminals.”
    Kleck theorized that politics kept the results quiet.
    “(W)hy did CDC personnel decide not to report them?” Kleck wrote.
    Does carrying a gun make you less likely to be a crime victim?
    Yes No
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    “One obvious explanation would be that they recognized that their own surveys’ finding of a high (defensive gun use) prevalence was unfriendly to gun control efforts — efforts repeatedly endorsed by CDC-financed researchers.”
    According to the criminologist, the facts should have been laid before the people.
    “Regardless of how the decision was made, it was a disservice to the American people, who paid for the survey and the information it yielded, but who were not allowed to see it and judge its worth for themselves,” he wrote.
    Kleck’s numbers are bigger than those coming from people who try to minimize the prevalence of defensive gun use.
    In a 2015 article for Politico, Kleck said those who downplay defensive gun use “hope that total gun prohibition will one day be politically achievable, and they recognize that high numbers of DGUs each year would present an enormous obstacle to persuading Americans that disarming noncriminals would be without serious costs.”
    RELATED: School Under Fire After Anti-Gun Walkout Leaves One Dead
    Although the CDC did not disseminate the findings of its late 1990s work, it did share the results of a 2013 study that concluded potential crime victims can avoid injury by being armed, according to CNS News.
    “Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies,” the CDC study said.
    That report also said that “defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year.”

  6. That bit about 80% wanting gun control is – as the Coneheads might have said, “mass quantities of male bovine waste material.” The NRA has five million members but the national population is Three Hundred Million. If 89% of the people wanted gun control (actually, gun restrictions) then NRA would be powerless to stop it or even slow it down. The anti-gun activists have adopted the “end-justifies-the-means” philosophy that Lenin wrote: :Any ruse, cunning, unlawful method, evasion or concealment of the truth” to be proper when employed to further the cause of communism. All that gun restrictions accomplish is vesting more power in government.

  7. These gun control nuts are just that nuts! Even if the second amendment were to no longer exist guns in America would still be here. It would mostly be the crooks who had them but they would still be here. There would be many who are now considered law abiding who would also still have them as well. There may very well be over a hundred million new outlaws. No one can ever successfully get rid of every gun in the United States of America. That is impossible. Americans are not Europeans. There is close to two hundred million gun owners now in America. That number increases daily. The average number of guns per person is said to be seven. Personally I think that is low. I personally have more then that and know many people who have well over fifty. And then it is also said the average number of rounds per gun per owner is a variable number somewhere between 80 and a 100. That also seems low. Here again I personally know of people who have thousands of rounds per gun. They also reload themselves. However do the math and it immediately becomes physically impossible to get the guns and ammo out of circulation in a reasonable amount of time. If in fact the people refuse to cooperate and it seems obvious many will. There is no doubt education is the reason. Ignorance is also promoted in a dictatorship. In Cambodia for instance people were murdered for wearing glasses or being able to speak more then one language.

    The United states of America is an armed nation and being armed serves a great many purposes. Certainly to many to list in a paragraph or two.

    On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and were contemplating attacking the mainland with ground forces if successful. They were successful in the Hawaii attack but decided not to attack the mainland. That decision was made because the United states of America is an armed nation. So just the threat of a gun behind ever blade of grass (their description of America not mine) was enough of a deterrent to prevent an attack. Furthermore, if it were not for the second amendment it is obvious to most thinking Americans neither the constitution or free enterprise would exist in this country today. Especially after the last administration. And what we have discovered about that administration lately. Make no mistake these oppressive socialist who call themselves progressive democrats (nothing is progressive about these oppressive socialists regardless of who they pretend to be) want the guns gone and it is obvious why. No dictatorship ever formed in an armed nation. The guns were always confiscated first. Furthermore, the dictator usually, if not always, rounded up those he considered his enemies (whether they were or not made no difference) and had them systematically murdered. Somewhere between 170 million and 260 million citizens of various countries (more then a dozen) were murdered by their own governments during the 20th century. That by-the-way does not count those killed in wars. That 20th century was the bloodiest century in mankind’s history. The attempted, if successful, taking of the guns from law abiding citizens in America could and possibly would make the 21 century the bloodiest in mankind’s history. Perhaps you can imagine why. I can!

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