Does the Bible Support the Right to Bear Arms?

The gun debate is in a new era. Most of the mainstream candidates on the left have openly admitted that they support gun confiscations. That inevitably leads us down a road of intense argument and disagreement.

As we roll up our sleeves in preparation for the next round of this fight, it’s important to arm our convictions. Many supporters of the 2nd Amendment are God-fearing Christians. If you’re among them, you might want to know what the Bible has to say on the topic. Rest assured, we’re going to cover it at length, right now.

Ted Cruz

It was actually a Twitter spat between has been Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano and Texas Senator Ted Cruz that renewed this particular part of the debate. In her typical leftist platitudes, Milano tweeted a question. Unintentionally, she brought up a point that should be very important to right-leaning Christians. Her question was to the effect of, “Where in the Bible does it guarantee the right to own a gun?”

It’s pretty normal for a leftist to ignorantly attack Christian beliefs and values in order to “win” an argument, but this question actually deserves answering. The Bible obviously doesn’t mention firearms at any point, so how could it guarantee the God-given right to bear arms?

Ted Cruz had a pretty good answer, and after looking at it, we’ll expand on what he said. The gist of his argument is that the Bible tells believers that it is important to prepare for self-defense. The rights to both life and liberty are discussed in the Bible, and both are God-given.

It is only then logical that the right to defend right and liberty are also God-given. So, the question isn’t whether or not the Bible defends your right to own a gun. Instead, we should ask whether or not the Bible supports self-defense.

So, What Does the Bible Say?

If you ask a leftist, the Bible says to turn the other cheek and never engage in any violence whatsoever. That’s because leftists love to cherry pick. The Old Testament is full of examples of God ordering his followers to fight and kill. Even in the New Testament, Jesus himself told the disciples to carry swords. In fact, Jesus engaged in what some would call violence when he flipped merchant tables in the temple.

All of this aside, there are specific passages in the Bible that discuss both common defense and self-defense. As Ted Cruz pointed out in his response, Exodus 22:2 clearly grants the right to self-defense. In fact, according to the ancient law, a man has the right to kill in defense against a thief in the night. That seems pretty clear, but we can go further.

In John 18:10, Peter defends Jesus by cutting off a servant’s ear. Jesus stops Peter because he must go to his fate, but he doesn’t rebuke Peter for the act of defense.

Additionally, there are multiple counts of Jesus stressing the importance of a strong man defending his home. If we extend the idea to the modern era, a strong man in defense of his home would need a firearm. It’s pretty clear.

While all of this should be enough, there’s a specific passage that uniquely supports the idea of Americans owning guns. In Romans 13, the Bible tells us why Christians should obey the government (except when the government specifically contradicts God’s laws).

According to Romans 13, God has granted authority to governments, and only those governments should take up arms in common defense and to stand against acts of evil. Basically, the government is in charge of military and police. This is where things get interesting.

The Constitution

The Constitution was written by men well-versed in the teachings of the Bible, and they believed in those words. The 2nd Amendment was written in a specific way that essentially deputizes every single American citizen as a member of the militia. This is confirmed by the Federalist Papers several times over.

While there were a number of reasons for framing the Constitution in this way, one of them was to invoke Romans 13. God grants the government authority in assigning how to met out violence for the sake of law, order and common defense. The United States Constitution grants part of that authority to the people. Deliberately, and in accordance with the Bible, the 2nd Amendment is how the Bible gives us all the right to own a gun.

This is why leftists should shy away from Biblical arguments. In ignorance, Alyssa Milano brought up an important point. We aren’t just given the right to bear arms by the 2nd Amendment. Believers in the Bible are charged with keeping a strong home and obeying the very law of the land that charges us with maintaining a common defense. The Bible, in tandem with the Constitution, compels us to own firearms.

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30 Responses

  1. And we would expect empty-headed Alyssa Milano to know anything about the Bible, why? She probably doesn’t own one and certainly only brings biblical ideas up if she thinks it’s a “gotcha” for religious believers. It’s dangerous to try to be a know-it-all when you are so void of knowledge and intellect.

    1. please dont knock alyssa– she was the highest scoring snowflake that ever graduated from the democratic collage of stupidity- so she only knows that her lips are moving when she speaks — & has no idea where the words come from — but remember that ” god loves stupid people “– look at how many he made — thx for listening— we might be older & move slower – but our skills still remain — ” GOD -GUNS GLORY & FREEDOM ” is ours to protect– I wouldn’t be an old grouchy army sargent – if people were not so “stupid”—thx

  2. The Bible does not Airhead Milano, but the Constitution DOES and the last time I looked it was the SUPREME law of the land. Game set and match, you lose yet again. And I guess tweeting is the only way to keep yourself in the public eye since no one will hire you in Hollywood anymore because of your crazy tweets.

  3. She would be a great ‘sex toy’. Other than that, stupid to a tee.

  4. That ignorant communist would do well to study a little history. That is, if she’s not too ignorant to even read. During WW II, Japan was giving a lot of thought to invading the West Coast. Admiral Yamamoto, who would have been in charge, said, “firearms are as plentiful as the blades of grass. Casualties would be unacceptable.” Any socialist (communist) whose studied a little history would know that Japan didn’t care how many people were killed. Theirs or ours. So we should keep out guns in order to defend our country. Even from within.

  5. If this Tinseltown Wench wants to quote the Bible, here’s one for her. Timothy 2: 11-12 “Women shall be silent”.


      No. Make that a HUGE KUDOS! LOL

  6. How about this: “Sell your coat and buy a sword.” and “pound your plow shares into swords.”
    And this… (not from the Bible), “Those who do not own a sword will serve those who do.”

    Please, liberals, don’t come to a battle of wits un-armed!

  7. The second amendment is about the people having the right to protect themselves the 250+ founders of this nation stated that the Bill of Rights outlines the God given rights that no man can take away. These were put in the constitution because the founders understood that it would not be long before the government became as others in the past have, selfish, greedy, and intent on censoring any speech against their tyrannical actions.

    The second amendment is not just about guns it is about ARMS this means weapon needed to defend ones family, oneself, or ones neighbors against those that would harm them this includes defending against Tyranny as the main intent was to ensure the US government would never be able to oppress the people the way other nations had oppressed their citizens.

    In California they have already abolished free speech and have openly refused to prosecute criminals based on the “social status” of the victims vs the SOCIAL status of the criminal. Several Democrat ran states have even tried to use the covid issue to restrict or outright abolish religion by imposing separate restrictions based on religion than they imposed on other businesses or even certain gatherings.

    Remember in NY it was deemed to DANGEROUS to have 40 workers install lights for a 9/11 memorial thing but was perfectly fine to allow over 100 people to vandalize a street with a Big label promoting an organization that according to 18 U.S.C. 2331 section 5 are terrorists without even getting the required by existing law permits to paint any kind of sign on the street. Had anyone else painted something on the street even just their address in front of their home without such permits the state would fine them and charge them the cost to remove the paint possibly even put them jail for time over it. The Democrat in charge however felt promoting the terrorist organization on a street DIRECTLY in view of property owned by president Trump was more important than honoring or remembering those killed by other terrorists.

    We are still seeing the unconstitutional prosecutions of those who defended their lives against the terrorists that went on a rampage killing people and burning property based solely on DEMOCRATS who seem to think its only murder if a gun not for example a skateboard or bat is used to kill someone, that using a gun automatically makes it a murder instead of the open and shut case of self defense videos of many of he incidents have clearly shown.

  8. I consider myself a Democrats worst nightmare. I am an armed Christian conservative who has studied the Bible in depth, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and follow His teachings, and know without a doubt that unbelieving people often use the Bible as an argument tool to try to gain an advantage in an argument. Trust me when I make the statement that if you want to use the Bible as a leverage tool, you better know what it says and teaches. I have many times over caught those that want to argue using the Bible without knowing what is within the pages, and using that same Bible and showing them the verses, proven how ignorant of God and His Bible they are. The short lesson here is if you are going to try to win an argument, especially with a Christian who knows and studies the Word of God, one best leave the Bible and what they think it says out of it. God will always win!

  9. what makes this stupid bitch thinks everyone believes in the bible? i have read it cover to cover and that is the main reason i cannot accept it as anything but a collection of short stories non of which can be proven…..the bible is a crutch for weak people who need something to lean on not only that she is very close to being a communist without a brain—SO FUCK HER BECAUSE SHE IS JUST A DUMB FUCKING CUNT

  10. She owns a gun. She is saying this crap to get attention. She will say and do anything to stay in the limelight. Just a loser.

  11. Why don she take herself and that aoc back to the whore house they came from

  12. This is why we Americans who don’t believe the lies the fake media, “snowflakes “ and commie-crats push , or try to, down our throats. Must support the 2 Republicans in the senate’s runoff. If Republicans loose the senate majority you can bet the commie-crats will try their best to make Americans to become a socialist country!

  13. I would like to bet that if these Leftist Hollywood (rich) hypocrites have security, they must have guns or what good would they be.

  14. I bet she believes in abortion! what makes someone like her think they are the appointed teachers of the world? the first turn-off Is she is from California, where very few are intelligent in the ways of the real world. they see power and money as perfection. like Kurt Russell said recently, actors have no business trying to be political. he is a smart man. she is just another has-been who tries to feel important. the best way to deal with this type Is to ignore her. same with trolls. no interest, they fade into the woodwork. and yes, you can bet she has security guards who have guns. I think he gave her the right response…..

  15. Seems I was wrong, the Bible does say for you to take your swords and spears and beat them into ploughshares. Now you would have to have them and own them for you to be able to do this…right? jeeze is it me or does Hollyweird become more stupid each and every day?

    1. The quote from the Bible is to take your swords and beat them into plowshares and not practice war anymore. Just the opposite of what you are saying here.

  16. this poor women. has no brains. is a has been in acting if you can call it that. trying to shame real americans?? she should never quote the bible. she comes from hollyweird.
    that alone tells you she is a commie traitor to this country.
    shut up and go far away.

  17. She’s been efficient her toned Danzig blow up doll since she was 12! What does that dumb know?

  18. david slew goliath with a sling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s the best he had then.

  19. I will let you know the next time I need political or any advice from anyone in Hollyweird or on TV. Milano is the poster child
    for the Demoncrats and has an IQ right down below 50 along with traitors like Biden, Harris, Schiff, Pelousy, Colbert, cortes and many, many others. The American people of all stripes are being awakened to this move to total destruction of the US and total government control.

  20. Doesn’t the Bible say if a man doesn’t have a sword, let him sell coat and buy one

  21. You and Zuckerberg are playing with God, it’s worse than trying to fool Mother Nature.

  22. Ok Milano, where in the Bible does it say that its ok for people like you to tell us what we can and cant do. It does not. So I guess that means you are blasted yet again for showing your stupidity

  23. Maybe the Federalist Papers should be TAUGHT IN SCHOOL, instead of the “little red book” of COMMUNISM.
    TRY READING AND UNDERSTANDING NOT ONLY THE Bible but the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  24. Where in the Bible does it authorize being an actress while nude? Alyssa is just such an actress. Stupid fool opened a can of worms when she decided to thump the Holy Bible to justify her corrupted and evil leftist agenda.

  25. It’s not nice to attack the constitution because once part of the Bill of Rights is altered the rest of it won’t be far behind.
    As the man says, changing the amendment doesn’t change the right unless you are a positivist who doesn’t believe in any higher power or authority than feeble man.

  26. And…. Where in the bible does it talk about airhead actresses?

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