Maryland Bureaucrats Attack 2nd Amendment Rights of Citizens

It appears that the second amendment rights of Maryland citizens are under attack again as the Maryland General Assembly turns its sights on gun restrictions in an attempt to slap a cover on the problem of violence in the state instead of focusing on the underlying factors that lead to violence.

On the agenda are a laundry list of bills that will strip law abiding citizens of their 2nd amendment rights and creating confusion in an already convoluted system. Some of the crazy new regulations being proposed included:

Extreme Risk Prevention Orders

Probably one of the most intrusive and widest violations of rights of law-abiding gun owners falls under the blanket of House Bill 1302 which claims it was designed to keep firearms out of the hands of those that might be considered a risk to public safety. The new bill would allow, “any other interested person” (along with others more clearly defined) to make a sworn statement, that is presumed to be with good intentions, that will lead to the confiscation of firearms on an “ex parte” basis.”

What this means is if law enforcement officers have been informed that a person may possibly be a threat they have a right to not only disarm the person but also to confiscate their firearms. This action can occur without a hearing or a court case where the accused would be able to exercise their legal right to face their accuser in court and be able to present their side of the case.

Handgun Permit Review Board Repeal

The previous legislation supported by the House of Delegates during the Baltimore Police Department Review Board in 2016 that supported citizen oversight of the BDP has come under fire by partisan-motivated house members. Those members have now flipped on their previous decision supporting the rights of citizens to have oversite of their police department and have decided to remove the citizens’ participation in monitoring the transparency of the government and officials in regards to the Handgun Permit Review Board.

The abrupt shift was predicted to occur when all the previous members under Governor O’Malley resigned and the new members were appointed by Governor Hogan. Without oversight regulations in place, the BPD would be free to slowly strip the rights of law-abiding gun owners with little or no explanation for their actions.

The Public Safety and Violence Prevention Act

This $10 million investment is aimed at creating an anti-gun think tank to look at firearms and the problem that they may be causing. Even though the name states it is a violence prevention act it provides no funds or verbiage to have the committee look at any of the other forms of violence that plague Maryland aside from firearms, making the bill seem like no more than an anti-gun agenda.

The Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association expressed its disappointment in the bill, saying that the $10 million budget could be much better used to help better their state.

Rapid Fire Trigger Activators

The Senate Bill 707 will now criminalize the possession of firearms accessories that fall under the broad term of a trigger activator. This includes owning or possessing bump stocks and any other mechanism which can be used to create a more rapid fire of a firearm. Any alterations that are deemed altering the standard rate of fire of weapons can be subject to criminal prosecution.

Those opposed to the bill feel it is too broad and will turn those who are law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight and do little to prevent the acquisition of those items for those who are planning to cause harm to others.

What These New Bills Will Mean for Maryland Gun Owners?

As with most recent gun legislation, these bills appear to be a knee-jerk reaction to appease the gun control activist and push an anti-gun agenda. Little thought was given to the true motivation behind the violence that pushes the criminal elements in the state.  Those who are law-abiding citizens exercising their second amendment rights will suffer because of those who are intent on creating harm and destruction.

These new anti-gun laws will do little to prevent criminals from breaking the law. Until the root of the violence of these individuals can become the focus, the State of Maryland will continue to reduce the rights of the citizens it should be protecting.

~ American Gun News

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17 Responses

  1. What is the possibility of the enemies of our Constitution raising the age of purchasing a firearm to 55, at their wim.Also,let’s give all of the young protesters a draft notice,but,they can’t have a gun till they are 21 so our enemies will be safe.

    1. They won’t have too. They are eliminating the guns first. The time is now to make a stand or loose by thinking the court will be on your side. Your choice Americans!

  2. Fools who think they can disarm evil people and the criminally insane are just that FOOLS. These people can make guns in their garage, steal them, or get them any number of ways. The answer is to ARM the good people.

    1. They are not trying to disarm criminals. They want to disarm the law abiding citizens because they think you will let them. Stand and be heard Americans or you will lose not just 2A

  3. It is apparent that the folks in MD aren’t critically thinking. If they were, they would realize that bills like these would only lead to an increase in crime versus reduce it. The clawless will never be bound by laws because they are the … lawless. 2020 is fast approaching and that means another official Census will be happening. For every 500,000 people a state loses, they lose one Federal House Rep, When you legislate like this, expect some population shift.

  4. They just watched as all this was passed through the Florida Legislature in one day with virtually no repurcussions. We are quickly headed to confiscation and no one who believes in the Constitution is organizing and contacting our legislators. The liberals are highly organized and funded and winning while we sit on our butts.

  5. Wake up American Patriots we need to fight to end this insane attack on the constitution. If you don’t make a stand now you won’t be able to later.

  6. Was the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
    Now we seem to be the Land of the spineless Ball less Pussies.
    Lets be blunt, We Our Born and No one Gets out Alive !
    It is how you live your life that counts!

    You can be a Man or Women or be a Fucking Sheep ready to be Slaughtered.
    Why was 17 young people murdered in Parkland Fla? why were an additional 14 shot or Injured ?
    and why were Three people Shot in Maryland and one of whom was left Brain Dead?

    Whose fault is it?

    One its you and I fore electing Dumb Mother Fuckers who lack Common Sense and wish to empower the criminals and turn you and I into fucking Sheep.

    Maybe if the School had more Police or Armed Security, no one except the Criminal would have been shot?
    End the Gun Free Zones, Allow Teachers who are not Pussies to train and carry a Firearm.
    As per the Second Amendment and the Dick Act of 1903 it is our Constitutional Obligation To carry Firearms.
    And to live Free or Die!

    Maybe just Maybe
    had Parkland not been a gun Free Zone , 17 Beautiful Young People would not be Dead and 14 would not have been shot?
    The bottom line is Cruz was let down and so was the public by ineptness on the Part of inept Borg_Collective controlled Courts,
    a piss poor Obama Administration Policy geared to keeping Juvies out of the Court System, The Citizens and students of Broward County were let down once again by sheriff Israel when he entered into this agreement with the Obama Administration, thus handcuffing his Deputies on what they could legally do.

    Than we have the great lie perpetrated by Sheriff Israel, that one of his Deputies was a coward and did not enter the building as shots rang out.
    We then learned there were three more Deputies and all four were treated for all intense in purposes Tared and Feathered and Declared Cowards, Cowering behind a Car as a Swat Team from a Police Department entered The Building.

    What most folks do not know is this these Four Deputies were ordered to Stand Down and were ordered not to enter the Building.
    this is now being covered up.
    This is Our Government you Fucking Politicians work for us, we must demand and protest to find out who gave that oder.
    as these Officers they let their Community Down, they should have said Fuck this order and entered the Building, thus the Four should have been Fired.

    The F.B.I. also without question Screwed the Pooch.
    This calls into question a long overdue Reorganization of Federal Law Enforcement and the Policing and Counter Spying Role the F.B.I. has ? which contributed to this epic making disaster.

    but alas it is far simplalar to blame Law abiding Citizens and Strip them of their God Liberty of Self Defense than it is to Blame the Law Breaker!

  7. I’ve beena law abiding citizen my entire life I was even good enough to fight for my country and state of Maryland now thanks once again Maryland for now after 48 years making me a criminal. Thank god someone was armed at that school but of course Maryland as always goes anti-gun seems as fast as thy can. I sure do want to get out of this communist state once a forever

  8. Corporal punishment should come back in our schools. They did it in the 40’s, 50’s and stopped in the late 60’s. Never heard of student killing in 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s. But liberal mommy and daddy “You won’t spank my child, that are too good for that. We should have kicked their butts out of public school. Yes I had my butts busted a couple of time. When I got home I got it again. No child abuse, (lawyers again. the bain of our country). See your don’t face out side punishment until you are out of school. Then what the see on TV, kissing, killing after killing. Maybe 30 or 40 people, on one channel, a night. garbage in garbage out into these mush brains. So much to cover. Wake up American, don’t be mislead! Those kids marching saw bad, but there don’t know the root cause. We as adults do, ( or should) I have seen a lot in 75 years. In many countries and in War. There and adenda, that is being fueled by people not interested in America.

  9. why don’t they goverment just take a shortcut and paste a law giving the USA to Russia that is what they are doing anyway

  10. I think this is the most dumb assed thing I’ve ever read..I’m one who went to school in the 50’s It wasn’t uncommon to see kids bring a rifle to school so after getting off the bus we could go through the woods a plink a squirrel or rabbit so on the one ,mile walk home that’s what we did..nobody got shot..Nobody ever fired a weapon off on school grounds .Only violence was the usual fist fights that were forgotten 5 minutes later…I served two tours as a Marine in Viet Nam..When I came home the second time..I gave my guns away and don’t own a weapon today and I’m 70 years but that is a personal choice for me..I believe in the 2nd amendment and fully support the American right to own a fire arm…The stupid liberal confuse the actions of a couple fruit cakes with responsible gun owners I’ve lived on a farm and now a very small country town..There’s guns all around here as it was on the farm…There has never been a shooting and seeing some packing doesn’t bother me one bit..The direction this shit is going has me considering a purchase and a membership in the gun range at the end of town..

  11. Can someone tell the the number of people kill each year by vehicle vs guns?

  12. Why would anyone think a criminal would even think twice about getting an illegal gun? They are a CRIMINAL!

    We need to have MUCH stronger sentencing for Felons with a weapon! Life in prison for possession, Death sentence if weapon is used in a crime.

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