Who Are the Real Terrorists? Mainstream Media

Are you sick of liberals using the evil actions of criminals to attack your freedom yet? We are.

Gun control debates will continue to rage. As frustrating as it is, we can’t capitulate. Giving in even an inch means losing a fundamental right forever. To arm you in this fight, we try to provide you with up-to-date information and facts.

It seems silly to throw facts at a liberal, but it’s even worse to stop. To that end, we have some new data regarding the motives of mass shooters. It’s not a good look for the left.

Attacking the NRA

You’ve seen it almost every day this year. There has been an unceasing attack from the left. Major media outlets go on national television and call the NRA terrorists and child killers. They have somehow concocted a narrative that claims the NRA has purchased Washington through exorbitant lobbying. All of it is ridiculous.

NRA members are among the most law abiding Americans, bar none. They have committed exactly none of the high-profile shootings of late. For an NRA member to be guilty of a gun crime is exceedingly rare.

Moreover, the NRA itself is far from being an affluent lobbying group. They don’t even exist on the same financial plane as top-10 lobbying groups. Compare them to any of the super PACs and this notion looks like a bad joke.

But, this is the story the left likes to run. They have committed to the inane notion that gun bans are the one and only way to combat school shootings. If that’s the case, then only a monster could oppose this legislation. It’s an ideology completely devoid of logical basis and in stark contradiction to the facts. No proposed gun legislation in the last 50 years would have stopped a single mass shooting. Even outright gun confiscations have failed where they have been tried. And still, the left fervently clings to this nonsense.

The Real Terrorist Group

If we look at real data, however, this narrative flips quickly. If the left claims the NRA is a terrorist organization because they oppose efforts to stop school shootings, then what can we say about some of the most prominent members of the left? You see, there is real data and real research on this topic. Rather than condemning the NRA’s ideology, it destroys the left.

The most recent and notorious example comes from the Parkland shooter (you’ll notice how we avoid using his name). Released video footage shows that he planned his massacre for a long time. It wasn’t because he was rejected by a girl. It wasn’t because of some catalyzing event. His videos, all recorded before the shooting, show that his primary motivation was to gain notoriety. He is a sociopath who wants his name to be remembered forever. He knew that amassing a body count at a school was the best way to do that.

If it was just one case, we wouldn’t be discussing this. Unfortunately, it’s an obvious trend. The Sandy Hook shooter studied notorious mass shooters for years. Investigators described his notes as being akin to a doctoral thesis. He gathered all of his information from mainstream media outlets. He mapped his path to notoriety and even had notes showing that his “fame” would grow with a higher body count.

The Columbine shooters and Aurora movie theater shooter all left similar evidence. When you look across the biggest mass shootings in recent years, more than half of those who committed these terrible crimes did so to be covered by national news. This even includes known terror attacks. The extremists know that their message will reach more ears if they kill more people to boost their media coverage.

The math here isn’t hard. Critics have been explaining this trend to mainstream media for decades. They are fully aware that these high-profile mass shooters mostly commit atrocities for the notoriety. Obviously, that yearning for attention has to be paired with intense mental problems, but unfortunately, we’re a long way from rooting out mental health disorders from the entire population.

The easiest way to stop mass shootings is to stop saying the names and posting pictures of these evil people. Without the guaranteed attention, many lose their motivation.

Mainstream media groups know this. There is no question about it. Yet, they maintain their complicity in this cycle of death for only one reason: money. These stories generate revenue. Why would they want to see them stop?

It’s the underlying motivation for their entire narrative, even blaming the NRA. On one hand, we have a group dedicated to protecting personal freedoms and helping those in need find the means to defend themselves. On the other, we have a group that deliberately incites mass shootings for profit. Which is the real terrorist group?

~ American Gun News

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7 Responses

  1. I have no doubt that the fake “news” media had a high degree of culpability for all of the school shootings.

  2. Sadly, no new knowledge here; folks in my camp have also been saying this for years. Sadly I say, because it continues to worsen with ever faster means with which to dispense the “news”.

    When I was young, if you didn’t pick up the daily newspaper or tune in the 6:00 news on your local TV station, you wouldn’t get the news “first-hand”; instead you would only hear the reinterpretation offered by a friend, relative or co-worker. These retold versions often omitted a few facts, including the name of the perpetrator.

    Now there are networks devoted entirely to the “news”, blasting the latest tragedy in our faces every 30 minutes, all day long, sometimes for days on end. Let’s not forget the internet “news” agencies. All “responsible” reporters, exercising their 1st Amendment rights, posting and reposting the name and photo of the lunatic that murdered x people – effectively creating notoriety and fame.

    There’s little understanding of right vs. wrong in our society today. Not only in the biblical sense, but in regard to civil responsibility as well.

  3. Keeping Our Kids Safe
    Doing What Works!
    Common sense and sensibility have been absent from the national debate to protect and defend America’s children. Currently, anyone can easily enter a US public school and murder teachers and students. Public school administrators and school board members have simply been derelict in their responsibility to make their schools safe. Under the law, all public schools are required to protect students and act as if they were their parents. Loco parentis, Latin for “in the place of a parent” refers to the legal responsibility of the public schools for students.
    By any measure, it is clear the public schools have failed to keep our children safe. Compared to our airports, government buildings, courts, and even our entertainment centers, public school administrators and school board members have refused to act.
    The primary and singular responsibility of government generally, and specifically the federal government is to ensure the safety of all American Citizens, and to that end, our government and its leaders have failed. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    While the terror and carnage left behind from the attacks on our children are devastating, it is the creation of a national narrative of scapegoating and the obfuscation of responsibility that is destroying the underlying fabric and soul of America. America is asleep and it’s time we wake from this horrible nightmare. It’s time to reject and expose those who would use the deaths of our children for their political gain and turn the nations’ attention to programs and solutions that work. It is time to end these American Killing fields and get on the right side of common sense. So let’s begin.
    Emphasizing What Works
    The program and strategy to make our public schools safe is clear, and the only obstacle is our refusal to act. Our focus here is simple: Instead of emphasizing problems we identify solutions. Instead of being experts on the problem we are experts on what works. In other words, let’s focus on what we know will make our public schools safe for all children and young adults. To do this, we need to turn our attention to a place where keeping children safe is a number one priority; a Country which does not equivocate on what must be done to ensure the safety of all children. That Country is Israel.
    Israel as a Model for Keeping Out the Bad Guys
    In the United States, we wade through the fog of fake news and solutions that have no connection to reality. Politicians debate, but do not act and rarely if ever, exhibit any sense of courage.
    But in Israel, they are in a fight for their lives. They don’t have the luxury of debating about whether or not guns are the solution or the problem of school violence. Israelis keep it simple: an armed people is a safer people.
    For over 40 years the leaders of Israel have known how to construct a safe and secure school environment for students. In 1974, a gunmen murder twenty-two Israeli children and three adults with 68 individuals horribly injured. Immediately following this mass murder there was no national debate. You did not hear any psycho-babble analysis or media talking heads attempting to explain or explain away the tragedy. There was no handwringing and a call for the elimination of guns, knives or machetes. More specifically, there was no declaration to make schools gun-free zones. Instead, the Israeli government passed a law securing the perimeter of every Israeli school with armed security and the arming of qualified teachers.
    To be specific, the Israeli government declared there would be only one way into a school, and when you enter a school you will be met by a trained, armed security guard. Armed guards can be the police, soldiers, school staff, civilians, and parents. Guards are strategically placed around the school and are required to check the school site 30 minutes before school starts. Guards check people and vehicles entering the school and have the authority to permit or refuse entry to unauthorized individuals.
    The guards, with their firearms, create real security and provide a powerful self-defense to any threats; threats that are dealt with until the police arrive on the scene. Armed security guards also accompany students on field trips, when they leave school grounds.
    The Role of the Police

    A significant factor which distinguishes Israel from the United States is the close working relationship between Israeli Ministry of Education and the Israel Police. Unlike the US, where there is no formal relationship between the education establishment and school security, the Ministry of Education works closely with the police to provide security and security protocols.
    The Security and Emergency Department within the Israeli Police has the overall responsibility to provide security for all schools from kindergarten through college. The school principal oversees the specific security arrangements and must appoint a designated security aide to assist in the protection of the school.
    The Israeli Police are required to create a file for each school, which includes the number of students and staff, phones, means of communication, and the type of security provided that works with the school. The Police also visits and inspects all school sites, communicates on a daily basis with security and school staff, and provides guidance to local school security officers.
    The 100 Percent Right Position

    In the mind of Israelis there was only one right solution to student safety: Make sure no one could get close to an Israeli child or young adult to cause them harm. This policy was and is the 100 percent right position.
    In other words, Israeli children are safe. In fact, there has been only two school shootings since 1974, and both have ended with teachers killing those that would murder children.
    The law requires every school in Israel is fenced in and you must go through a locked gate that is secured by an armed security guard. The guard will ask why you are there? “What is your child’s name?” “Show me your I.D. card,” and make sure you have no weapons before you enter. As the saying goes, it’s not rocket science.
    So, it’s time for the United States to take the 100 percent right position. While every supporter of the Constitution would prefer the States take immediate action, that simply is not going to happen. Therefore, it’s time for the President of the United States to take immediate action and protect America’s children. If we can give billions of tax dollars to banana republics and dictators, we can surely find the money to make our public schools safe and secure. It’s time to take real action and be on the right side of protecting our children and young adults. Anything else is on the wrong side.

    The democrats won’t listen to putting armed guards on our schools and this is the only sure way to protecting our kids. A lot of states have taken upon themselves to use armed guards at their schools and it has been successful but the democrats won’t listen.

  4. If there any laws that need to be implemented, it one that prohibits reporting the name and any pictures of a person who commits an act of this sort. Take away their avenue for fame and notoriety and these attacks will be reduced.

    The most important thing to do is stop hiding heads in the sand and taking thorough steps to protect our children. Requiring only one entry point into schools with armed guards there would be the first step. All other doors would be locked and have video monitors and alarms to keep unauthorized intruders from entry. They would still be available for fire escape/emergency exit only. Random searches of persons and backpacks would deter offenders from achieving their goals.

    More gun laws and banning certain firearms is not the answer. The media and the bleeding hearts were pissed that an AR wasn’t used in the Texas school shooting because it didn’t fit their gun ban agenda. What’s worse, they barely talked about the IED’s that this student made from everyday items. If these would have been used, the carnage would have been much worse.

  5. This is the 3rd freaking time I have tried to send this. Apparently there is a time-out on how long it takes to type up and send. W.T.*****?

    Anyway there was an “Arson Club” in my home town in the 60s. They had to get their name in the paper for starting a fire.

    Local paper found out and refused to print or divulge in any way the names. Problem died out. As a sidelight, the Police DID catch the club.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly If the name is not spewed forth for upwards two to three months and a picture of the guilty party is not plastered on TV screens for upwards of two to three months then the FAME is not there

  7. You miss the point. It’s all about a gun ban. It’s what they want, it’s the end goal and they will do anything to obtain it. If it takes a few thousand dead kids then no big deal as long as they get the gun ban. It’s hard to get an armed people into the cattle cars.

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